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Something Urban Dictionary got rid of.
Half the humor on urbandictionary.com was formerly found in the "comments" section. Conversely, their removal has made this site one half less funny, one half less entertaining to visit, and one half more retarded
by tehfixedlol April 18, 2009
The best way to say something is neat-o, awesome, or swell. The phrase "cool" is very relaxed, never goes out of style, and people will never laugh at you for using it, very conveniant for people like me who don't care about what's "in."
Homestar is cool.
The Red Sox are cool.
Twinkies are cool.
by Cool guy May 07, 2003
Once an efficient and fast method of communication and message transferring, now a way of harassing Internet users with spam, credit card/insurance offers, porn links, and "Increase Your Penis Size By 5 Inches" advertizements.
Despite using a junk email filtering program, it is still a chore to delete 30+ messages a day.
by AYB November 06, 2003
a stalkers dream come true
facebook addict #1: dude you know that hot girl who lives upstairs, i totally got her screen name and cell phone number off of facebook
facebook addict #2: awesome, now you can totally stalk her
by jim March 08, 2005
chillin' or relaxin' in one place
yo word is dat, he postin' at hiz momma'z crib
To stay where you are put. To hang out somewhere.
Hey Rob, I'm jsut going to post here tonight.
by Jaret Johnson July 13, 2004
'Posting to see replies', an acronym created by WoW EU Forum users. Seeing as Blizzard manage to get few things right, it only fits that their forum should be completely borked aswell, hence the bug where you can't see any replies to a thread unless you post a reply first.

Users would often reply with 'PTSR', just to let people know that they are making a post so they can see replies to that thread.
'PTSR, man...when the fuck are Blizzard going to pull their fingers out their arses and fix this god damn forum?'
by Doomsteak January 02, 2007
When you have the ability to look at an object.
I can see a boat over there
by I K March 14, 2009
Slang for Toronto
yo where goin to t.o to smoke some weed.
by hue geass October 12, 2003