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1) People Other than Grunts (US Army Infantry) or 2) Permanently On the Ground (US Air Force, US Naval Aviation and US Army Aviation).

A POG sits cluless while Operators execute the mission.
"Fuckin' POG!"
"That POG almost got us killed!"
by Meat Gazer September 01, 2007
Derogatory phrase used by front-line infantry units to describe rear-support or staff units.
Screw those leg-ass pogues!
by Hu$tla' $teve August 26, 2003
A 1970's era US military acronym, meaning: Strategic, Tough, and Ready Around the Clock. To be labeled "strac" was considered high praise.
"He was a strac trooper."
by Quiche Lorraine December 23, 2004
The term "grunt" is used in the military as a general term for someone who's MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is "Infantry". In the Marine Corps all MOS' preceeded by the number "03" are Infantry. About as "grunt" as you can get in the Corps is "0311 - Basic Rifleman".

The opposite of a "grunt" is a "pougue", which is a derogatory reference to pretty much anyone who isn't a grunt, but normally reserved for Marines who work in an office or some other rear-echelon job as part of their regular duties ("In the rear with the gear"). Call a pougue a "grunt" and they love it, but call a grunt a "pougue" and see what happens :-)

"If you ain't a grunt you ain't SHIT"

"The grunts at Phase Line Echo report multiple hostiles, scattered small-arms fire and are currently engaging."

"The fuckin' grunts always come to our E-Club and start shit."
by USMCG_Spyder January 01, 2006
An organization created upon the birth of the USA over 230 years ago. It's mission is to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies; foreign and domestic.

Contrary to popular belief, the modern Army no longer accepts convicts as an alternative to jail. All applicants must hold a high school diploma or a GED at minimum. (98% are HS grads) A College degree is a requisite to becoming an officer, though many enlisted soldiers also hold them.
During an average recruiter's day, 75% of interviewed applicants are rejected.

For over two decades, the US Army has been an all-volunteer one, which means only those who have the desire to serve will do so-- thereby greatly increasing morale and unit survivability through better teamwork.

It is a sad fact that US Army soldiers have been the target of protesters both at home and abroad, most notably being the recent incident of a uniformed soldier being beaten at gunpoint by multiple assailants in the famously liberal city of Seattle, WA. Recruiters have also been targets for demonstrations and violence. Some people are seemingly unaware that the soldiers are just fellow Americans who are sworn to carry out their duty. These protests are misdirected at them.

The US Army today represents the finest our country has to offer. We must remember to show respect for its members; past and present.

-A soldier
The US Army is the reason you have your freedom. The constitution is just a piece of paper without the Army to safeguard it.
by Sgt P December 15, 2006
A term used to describe soldiers in Iraq that rarely if ever leave the relative safety of the Forward Operating Base (FOB). This is a perjoritive term used by soldiers that spend a lot of time outside the wire beaing shot at and dodging road-side bombs, for those soldiers that live a safer and more comfortable life.
The damn fobbits all seem to be getting the new armor before we do, and they don't even need it.

"FUFB!" A chalk message on my platoons vehicles that loosely translates to "F#@k yoU FoBbits!
by mike181 July 30, 2006
Those blessed people who put their lives on the line day after day to secure the protection and defence of their nation.

Sadly these heroic men and women are often made out to be war mongers and provocative by a corrupt media. The general public seem to have the idea our military enjoys the killings of innocent civilians, as they are vastly unaware that they do their duty to protect their homeland. Any unjust wars are the fault of our government NOT out military.
"we'd be f*cked without our military"
"without the Brittish military, we'd all be suffering under Nazi reign"
by LadyEmilyKate February 27, 2007
Short for administrator.
Someone who performs administrative duties on a network, server, forum, etc

Admins are known to use their powers for acts considered unsuitable after they gain them. Similar to a dictator. Admins often give administrative privlidges to their friends who are also morons and will also abuse the power.

This has created the situation we now have where there was once an admin who was okay but then he turned bad and turned his assholes friends into admins and they turned their assholes friends into admins etc

Therefore Every Admin is very much likely a moron and abuses their powers similar to a dictator.
Try and prove me wrong but every admin is a corrupt abusive jerkface
by jeromerr@hotmail.com May 04, 2005
someone who sits at a desk during deployment and then later speaks of PTSD or hardships endured because of deployment.
Dude, look at Calder over there talking about hardships of deployment when he sat in the S-2 all year.... fucking Combat Typist.
by MultipleDeployer April 03, 2014
F.U.B.A.R. is an acronym for:

1. F*cked up beyond all reason.
2. F*cked up beyond all recognition.
3. F*cked up beyond all repair.

See fuck

All usage derived from the military.
1. This mission is FUBAR.
2. He got hit with a mortar and now he's FUBAR.
3. Holy shit! That tank's FUBAR.
by Jack. December 08, 2003