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Thesaurus for real number

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A branch of discrete mathematics. The study of relations, connections, networks, connectedness, and especially graphs. A graph is a pair of sets. The elements of the first set are called vertices. They can represent people, words, letters, cities, brain cells, web pages, countries, or anything that can be associated with, or connected in some concrete or abstract way, to something else. The elements of the second set are pairs of elements from the first set. They are called edges. They can be unordered pairs or ordered pairs. In the latter case, the edges are called directed edges, and the graph is called a digraph.
To picture a graph, think of dots connected by line segments to other dots. Each line segment must have a dot at both ends. Neither the shape nor the length of a line segment matters in graph theory. All that matters is which dots are connected to which dots. You can give them names, numbers, letters, and/or colors. Or you can color the edges.
Graph theory can help you to understand games, hierarchies, networks, family trees, food webs, flow charts, algorithms, trains of thought, just about anything you can think of!
by Robert Paul Singleton February 15, 2007
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Systematic thinking process of coming to the best solution, which somehow seems evade most parents.
Lack of Logic:
"Take out the garbage and wheel the garbage can to the road"
"But Mom, it's only Saturday, the trash gets picked up on Mondays"
by Blaalien March 20, 2006
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the lesbian sister of biology
Chris: Dad, can you help me with my math homework?
Peter: Math. Math, my dear boy, is nothing more than the lesbian sister of biology.
by Jenny February 07, 2004
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The unified theorems and theories used in the analysis of order, sequence, pattern, form, space, figures, and numbers.

Algebra studies the existence and uniqueness of solution sets in equations and inequalities. Calculus, and its subset Differential Equations, further explores the properties of Algebra through use of derivatives, antiderivatives (integrals), and partial derivatives/antiderivatives.
Game Theory involves the study of outcomes in scenarios, prediction, and optimization strategies in practical applications. There's many more branches, such as signal theory and other shit, but, quite simply, nobody, yes, mathematicians, NOBODY gives a flying fuck.

Mathematics, akin to chemistry and physics, is not about making friends. You need it a hell of a lot more than it needs you.

Contrary to scholastic doctrine, the majority of Mathematics must be purposely rigged in order to actually achieve a solution. Even more padding and precautionary measures must be added in order to make the solution somewhat understandable or practical.

Mathematics varies from the concrete applicational types, such as calculus and algebra, to the overly-abstract fields, such as linear theory. It's a necessary in anything scientific, and is useful in sweeping the academic debris away from fields in which they could do serious harm, safely into liberal arts studies. While we should all be thankful for that aspect, many people, author included, still despise Mathematics for being overly complicated due to lackidaisical teaching and god-awful textbook writers.
Jeepers, I love Mathematics.
by 8====D August 12, 2004
285 131
the lesbian sister of biology
Chris: Dad, can you help me with my math homework?
Peter: Math. Math, my dear boy, is nothing more than the lesbian sister of biology.
by Jenny February 07, 2004
3660 1212
algebra on crack and shrooms
when i was in abstract algebra, i told my classmate "yo momma's so fat, she has a proper subgroup isomorphic to herself"
by wildcat08 June 30, 2006
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An algorithm is a precise process for solving a specific problem in a finite number of steps
An example of an algorithm is how your computer works. You tell it what to do and it utilizes all aspects to complete the job as quickly as possible.
by Sgt. Slaughter October 26, 2005
103 25
Something Americans use to describe everything.
Oh wow it's just awesome
by Every Strangers Eyes June 20, 2006
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(MATHEMATICS) a number consisting of a real number and an imaginary number; imaginary numbers are multiples of the square root of -1.
You need a complex number to express the value of an electromagnetic wave function.
by Abu Yahya April 23, 2010
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