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Thesaurus for raw dog

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for raw dog

What kind of moron are you that you look up sex in the urban dictionary?
Looking up sex??? Seriously, get off now before I turn off the internet.
by TJ (CC) December 03, 2005
190947 51061
sex without a condom
I did that bitch raw.
by slibbity hibbity fibbity May 26, 2002
1912 766
A very smart invention to decrease the population and sti's
1)no glove no love
2)don't be silly wrap you willy
3)don't be a fool wrap your tool
4)don't be a ding-dong cover you shling- shlong
5)dont be a wenis protect you penis
6)dont share your sperm over your worm
7)before you spank her cover your wanker
8)If theres gunna be affection cover your erection
9)if your gunna banger cover your wanger
10) There only a buck get one before you fuck
11) Dont be stupid wear a fuckin condom
by anon June 26, 2004
8991 1839
having sex with no condom
just got to be raw dogging that ho no protection
by keith chambers November 09, 2007
143 40
Bareback: Vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or oral intercourse without the use of a condom.
Frank was bareback when he had sex with Francis.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
1783 449
sexual intercourse without a rubber.
Man, fuck that, hit that shit raw
dog then bail
by big johnny July 09, 2002
1671 398
What to avoid in prison.
After dropping my soap, I just let it be so as not to incite an anal rampage.
by Oprah February 21, 2003
17336 3477
Not a cat.

Gotta love Blackadder.
"Definition of a dog: Not a cat" = Baldrick, Blackadder III (British comedy)
by Nuclear Spoon September 22, 2005
8091 1622
this is like, sex in the butt.
"I like anal sex with my coffee in the morning."
by Philip Butler February 17, 2005
12388 3151