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An army guy.

Origin: Pembroke/Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
"That Debbie slut is after the pongo's again. Skank!"
by Cyr July 11, 2003
crabs:A tiny bug like creature that will infiltrate the pubis maximus,and lead you to isle 3 at the local pharmacy for some blue ointment.
Use the "ol"blue ointment for the crabs dissapointment use it 4 a night and a day,oh it burns an it itches,but it kills them sons of bitches in that good old fashioned way.
by spikemeister45036 August 20, 2003
Nick mane for sailor (17-30ish ) in the British Navy (not a submariner).
Tends to spend a lot of time in Plymouth and Portsmouth.
Likes to drink a lot and pull (snog, shag)any Shaz, Tracy or Janner they find.
"Dem matlows 'ave arrived"
"Come on 'en Tracy lets get a shag."
by Eva January 07, 2004
I believe the above have been mistaking 'janners' for swillys the sub-chav species of moronic, burberry wearing, arses that parade our streets and give all us Plymouthian inhabitants a bad name.

Now, a janner, as will be correctly stated by one who was born and lives here, is a term used by most outsiders to describe the people who live in Plymouth, Devon.

Not to be mistaken for a swilly which is actually a sub-species here and should be wiped out very quickly. For further infomation on these rodents see chav.
Swilly: Ere bey! You startin! I'm gonna ave ya, ya Goff twat.

Normal Janner: Fuck off.....(runs away)
by Jamo January 08, 2005
something that is extremely awesome

That rabid polar bear driving a tractor was the shaz.
by scollard February 18, 2009
Tracy is the girl of every guy's dream. She has a rocking body with a fine ass and a wonderful smile. She is the hybrid of a hot rockstar and a nerd. She has perfect skin and her smile lights up the world. Every day I see her, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. She has everything and IS my everything. There's no one that can compare to her.

She's the girl i'm in love with.
Tracy is the one for me. I love her and i always will. She'll always be my thunder through this monsoon.
by man in love January 07, 2009
AKA Millbay docks, the docks.

Home of all prositutes in Plymouth, located just off Union St.

Visited by Matlows, Crabs and Pongos.

Probaly find a janner, Shaz orTracy workign there.
Located in Devon, UK.
"Where do ya work?"
"Down millbay, nights only!"
by Eva January 07, 2004
1. verb; to interface passionately with another being, creating a field of physical obsession and focused arousal +centered+ on the lips, mouth and tongue.

2. verb; to play tonsil hockey

3. verb; to give comfort or show affection to a fellow user of an internet forum. (syn: /lick, /spamHug)
"...the world melts away into a clutter of noise and shadow when we're snogging..."

"...let's snog, baby."

"Awww, sorry to hear that Joslo. /snog."
by Niix Starkyller June 03, 2004
The tool used to wean and convert lesbians and virgins into useful, productive members of society.
The lesbian babe saw the light and became straight when a real penis penetrated her vaginal lips.
by urban pervert April 08, 2003
The main city in the Southwest of England located on the south coast of Devon near the Cornish border. Plymouth is home is to one of the largest naval bases in Western Europe and home to far too many chavs.

Following intense bombing in WWII, the city centre was rebuilt by stoned and drug addicted urban planners who had a fetish for ugly concrete buildings. Most of the city centre and Union Street is now inhabited by total wankers who seem to like the disgusting surroundings.

Plymouth is also where the Pilgrims left from before heading to that nasty place called America.
I live in Plymouth and it would be nice if we rebuilt the city centre and exiled the chavs to a sinking boat in the middle of the Atlantic.
by stewie February 08, 2005