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Thesaurus for pimp in the box

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for pimp in the box

Somebody that looks like everyone else.
Man that girl over there has straight blonde hair, flip-flops, and a pink backpack what a fucking clone.
by CP November 18, 2004
A radio host that isn't afraid to tell it like it is which is one of the reasons he is so popular and also hated too.
Jim Rome is the best host on talk radio.
by rome clone November 01, 2004
She is the most beutifull person in the world, not only because the way she looks,but on the inside shes like an angel too
Wow, whos that?

Thats romey, aint she pretty?

Hell yeah!
by b.S September 23, 2013
1. One who is a complete moron.

2. Censored slang for the word "fucknut."

3. One of Jim Rome's favorite words describing a 21+ year old person who lives in their mother's basement.
1. Did you see Chris slam his hand in the door again? What a stucknut he is!

2. That pink wife-beater you're wearing makes you look like a real stucknut.

3. Hey didja hear 'bout Waylon and how that stucknut is still living in his mom's basement?
by elohssa April 22, 2008
alias of sports radio host Jim Rome
That is epic! Rack 'em!
by Alex April 08, 2003
To express positive or negative excitement, depending on circumstance.
(Insert situation here)does not make my butthole pucker. But, watching two lesbian butch dykes kiss does make my butthole pucker.
by Big Dick Stork (Senn) January 29, 2007
female version of a hustler.
a true diva will do anything to get what she wants.
by bayybeee January 02, 2009