Thesaurus for nonattendance

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for nonattendance

Absence without leave; truancy.
All John does is play hooky from school and stay home & do drugs.
by illEATurHARTout March 12, 2004
being absent without permission.
The high school of ludington has a high rate of truancy
by Greggie ^ ^ September 24, 2005
1. The state of being away.
2. The time during which one is away.
3. Lack
4. The state of being absent-minded; inattentiveness: absence of mind.
Billy's constant absence is starting to make me worry
by Greggie ^ ^ September 24, 2005
Absenteeism means remaining absent for the work which has been designated to an employee.
If Labour is given the work to paint the wall, he remain absent and the work is pending, the wall might be painted by some one else. The labour here is involving Absenteeism by not attending to paint the wall.
by Ajay.S August 23, 2006
Absent Without Official Leave: A term used in the United States Military to describe a soldier or other military member who has left his or her post without permission (usually in disagreement with a particular order). This is one of many military terms that has trickled down into everyday speech among civilian populations.
Private Johnson went AWOL after he received an order to join major combat forces in Iraq.
by Postman January 25, 2005
to have sex (originating in Atlanta, GA); usually paired with "something"
"Cut something" (means "let's have sex").
In the words of Ludacris, "How you ain't gon' cut" (meaning "how you ain't gon' "fuck'"
by Charismatic January 10, 2005
(n.) A person who signs up or talks about attending certain events, but never shows up.

Fred: Hey, where is Bob? I have his name here on the sign up sheet.

Lindsey: Man, that tool Bob never comes when he says he will. What a no show.
by trongee December 18, 2007
1. An empty, or unoccupied place

2. A horror movie about a man and woman who rent a motel room and find that the motel has a hidden snuff business.
1. Look, the bathroom is vacant, lets go get sexual.

2. Man I saw Vacancy last night, that shit was mad disturbing.
by adamswagerr November 09, 2007

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