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Grumpy. Surly. Like a moaning child who doesn't get his way.
stop being mardy and make me some toast
by Foyf January 21, 2003
Someone who complains alot, moans about their life etc...

Usually used in the north of england.

Also a arctic monkeys song.
person one: "Oh god i wish i could have got arctic monkeys tickets"

person two: "stop being such a mardy bum"
by Greg Hartley, April 10, 2006
spoiled, sulky, sullen. Having a tantrum, being difficult.

Was widely used in the Manchester area.
Always assumed it's a corruption of "marred" (or "mar'd" or "marr'd" as Shakespeare wrote it). See also mardy, mardarse and mardy-pants. Compare with nesh.
Don't be so mard, our Bill- just eat it.

He's being a bit mard today.
by ChickPea57 January 06, 2010

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