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Possibly the greatest luxury car make.
German, Bayerische Motoren Werke, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works.
Cars in most categories, excluding vans of any sort.
Man! look at that new BMW M5!
That BMW kicks Mercedes' ass.
by "Kane Millard" May 30, 2004
1. the best bang for your buck sports car. though it is 45k/55k(conv), it beats the shit outta a mercedes clk 55 amg (85k)+ a jaguar xkr (85k) with a natural aspired, not supercharged motor (also only a 6cyl compared to v8's); only 2nd to porsche 911 (85k++). if u ppl say what about the wrx sti or evo VII u deserve a beat down, though on paper they are better, and in there own right, they are absolutely awesome, u cannot compare to the feel u get from driving a german car, its undescribable, everything is designed so well, and omg u just can compare the driving pleasure. Dont get me wrong, if i had 30k i'd buy a japanese car but japans philosophy on engineering is practical price/performace and germans have a completly diff outlook - spare no expense.

2. a 12 guage shot gun made by germany's hecklar AND koch.

btw im not german, im not even white, it just appriciate there ability to make quality mechanical things, u need japan for electronics and america for, uhh ya,.
1. i want to drive an m3
2. i wanna blow ur head off with an m3
by joe December 18, 2003
Greatest Model of BMW ever made. V10 engine 500 HP! 0-60 in just over 4 seconds. top speed is just over 200mph / 300kph avg price $100,000 USD
The M6 is one beautiful car
by fatslobberingdrunk September 20, 2007
1. n. A german automaker specializing in luxury sports cars. The logo consists of four interlocking circles.

2. adj. or v. to leave, or to be leaving.
1. The Audi TT Quatro is one of the better cars in existance.

2. I'm audi. See ya!
by stahlingrad March 19, 2004
One of the two finest automobile companies in the world. Mercedes and BMW are the ultimate contenders for mass-production high-quality cars. Nobody can fucking step to them.
American: I love my Ford.
European: You are truly a fucking idiot, Mercedes and BMW rule the world.
American: I know, but since I am a lazy motherfucker I do not know these things, and I am too blind to see the truth.
by BMW = BLACK MAN'S WISH May 18, 2003
a BMW automobile
often confused with beemer
The M5 is the ultimate bimmer.
by Chapel April 03, 2003
A German sedan that is capable of leaving any japanese rice trash in its dust.
"The M5 just blew the doors off that pathetic honda civic."
by turbine April 14, 2004
Symbol for the BMW M5.
/ / / / \ / ll-----l
/ / / / \/ ll
/ / / / ll----ll
/ / / / /l /l l-----ll
/ / / / / l / l l------l
by EJL February 24, 2004
An automatic transmission with six forward gears.
Vehicle description:
Manufacturer: Audi
Model: A8
Registration Number: DE55 EIN
Engine: 4.2 TDI
Wheels driven: 4
Transmission: A6
Number of owners: 2
by JaaagMan December 29, 2011
Name for a motorcycle by the manufacturer BMW.
Often confused with bimmer, what is the name for cars by the same manufacturer.
The BMW R 1200 C is a beemer.
by Rasputin da basemachine August 26, 2004