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Thesaurus for ligacrygist

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for ligacrygist

Is a syndrom of extream paranoia,depression,and expression of being belittled and agravated by the mental.a situation where you never over come indigents,also an extream fear of god or an human deity...
your action and the way that you behave are retarded i think you have the
regardless devon victory syndrom....
by regardless devon victory January 23, 2009
49 5
What one calls sheets of tree pulp when wanting the information written on them to seem important.
Please look over these documents at your earliest convenience.
by ASPG October 23, 2008
3 1
An adjective or a noun used to describe marijuana of the highest quality. It doesn't always have to come from a medical facility to be "medical", it's now a term used for any marijuana of that caliber. It can also be used to describe hashish
"Hey man, I just got some medical and it's gonna blow our minds!"
by Kush-o-Rama August 24, 2009
58 30
The science of the examination and analysis of the human body, especially hot chicks.
Guy: Damn, check out the anatomy of that fine lady!
by BBoy Preacher November 30, 2008
114 34
what you accept as true or real
I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. I cannot NOT believe it no matter how hard I try. This belief is not under my control. None of my beliefs are.
by yorrick hunt January 29, 2008
242 47
Describes one who has bipolar disorder. This disorder causes the person to have mood swings frequently, usually triggered by something small. Mood swings can also occur for no apparent reason, and not to the person's control.
Being bipolar doesn't mean you're always depressed you fucktards.
by Gochi January 16, 2004
2287 542
a center ligacrygist focuses on you being the center of attention with your other,for things you did wrong or made up things-they may even make a song about you,they may even wright a periodical about you-they focus on letting be known,these are the most dangerous ligacrygist too watch for
center ligacrygist also see ligacrygist
by reagrdless devon victory February 22, 2008
2 2