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Chatboard on neopets (no I won't tell you where, it's not that difficult to find) that used to be decent but even when it still was people would complain about how shit it is and how it was better in the old days.

The regulars were known for being literate, intelligent and by some, scary. New people were usually scared off with harrassment and "witty" insults and those who persisted would either remain and try and work their way from the bottom of the hierarchy or be worn down through harrassment/being ignored and leave.

Now almost no regulars remain except for the occassional visitor who shortly abandons their board which remains derelict of life other than the incessant 'how do you make a topic here?!' or 'omg this topic is so old!1! :o:o:o' posts.
The JWC is now a barren wasteland.

"Let's go chat at the JWC!!!"
"...let's not."

"google it."

lol shawn mark aak erica blaze anna's marie ty/cait carl/molly alyssa's alexis rae layla moriah erin morianna anni aussie sandra morgan carla chris agsy angie lynne laur yorkie fins lucy ceri andrea kira kate lisa amanda logan kirra alice corey holly emma alayna keith chriddy steph leia dani sierra ..etc.
by Lexy W October 19, 2007
34 23
JWC is an abbreviation for Jelly World Chat, a place where some fairly dope people hang out at. It used to be awesome now its just ok. A lot of people want to be cool there but aren't and a lot of people are.

Gey Person #2: Naw man they hurt my feelings there.
by Rory from the JWC July 29, 2005
19 38
The neoboards are one of the largest and badly monitored breeding grounds for n00bs on the internet.
"I'm going to the neoboards", "bring me back one of them horny 13year olds"
"1'll stip on cam for pb!!!!111"
"Paging: -insert name here-"
"I'm 13376!!!"
"I had toast for breakfast"
by Giro April 10, 2006
49 25
A online game that started out as a good game, like Pokemon but now is horribly bad.

Point 1: Overcommercialization.

We've got Neopets happymeals, Neopets plushies, Neopets keychains, Neopets stickets, etc. What happened to "We don't want to make money, we just break even using the advertising!"

Point 2: Sponsor Games

99% of the NEW games on the site are sponsor games. Most are the same as other games, and are very, very simple, but the characters or the background are changed. These games are the opposite of inventive.

Point 3: Wars

Wars on Neopets are very boring. You sit around and attack the same enemy a billion times and then you (might) be able to get a bigger one to fight!It's like in Pokemon where you have almost beat the game, except the developers have messed up and given you Level 2 Rattata to fight, rather than Level 70 Gravelers.

Point 4: Message Boards

Greedy Adam and Donna. A while ago, there was a message board called General Chat, where all the media driven "get a girlfriend cause you should!" 7 year olds posted OMFFIGLJG 15/M/ALASKA WILL U BE MEH GIRLFRIENDSZ!?!/ Instead of hiring new monitors, they froze accounts of people that didn't do anything, and destroyed the GC, making the aforementioned people go to other boards where WE had to handle them.
Neopets is most likely the worst internet game today. If you want good, try
by Froggyliciousness June 26, 2004
3204 857
The word orignated in Sydney years ago around the North Shore and seems to have spread Australia wide in a matter of years. There is a suburb named Chatswood in Sydney, the word was first used by a small group of individuals from the North Shore who had a disliking for a group of individuals from Chatswood. So if you were trying to offend your Shorey mate, you would call him Chat, or if you saw something shit, ugly etc, you would call it chat.
*Friend tells lame joke*
"That was chat"
by FatalCure April 17, 2006
789 218