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The part of a chapter that would better be under the title 'Bullshit'

The convection Heat transfer process can be divided into two broad categories (a) when the flow is generated due to an external forcing agent, such as a fan, pump, natural breeze, forced breeze, generated breeze, motion of a heated object, and (b) when the fluid motion arises simply because of density differences caused by temperature differences in a body force field, such as gravity... zzz... zzz...
by 42 is the answer November 24, 2010
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The opposite of intro (short for introduction) - specifically, in songs, a part at the very end.
The outro in "White America" by Eminem is hella cool.
by zafiroblue05 February 04, 2005
95 20
make someone or something known by name to another someone or something- usually in person; usually done to impress or demean the one to which the someone or something is being introduced.
Oprah: "Now may I introduce our line-up of guests for this evening..."
by ExtraExtraMan February 10, 2010
3 6
A program written to show off the mad skillz of a coder, graphician and musician.
Second reality was the most amazing PC demo, it made us go WHOAH! Then there was Second Reality for the C64 and it made us go "touche`".
by FoxMajik January 28, 2004
108 28
Being introduced in Japan in 1978, the Prelude shared the same drivetrain as the Accord, the Prelude has always been a two door, front wheel drive coupe. It had the CVCC Advanced Stratified Charge, In-line 4 cylinder SOHC engine, With 72hp @ 4500rpm and 4 wheel independent struts. Then in 1994, the Honda Prelude had a VTEC with 190hp @ 6800rpm.
Prelude's are nice.
by Douchebag February 28, 2004
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Twice exceptional (gifted with factors).
"This young man isn't retarded, he's 2X."
by Black_rose_aria@vf October 19, 2006
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In music-

1) The repeating part of a rock, pop, or country song that the main verses lead up and return to, usually the section where the title of the song is sung.
2) A common electronic effect used for guitar and other audio which takes a copy of the original audio signal, delays it by a number of milliseconds, and plays it back with the original signal, resulting in a warmer, spacious sound.
3) An organized group of singers
1) In the Rolling Stones song "Honkey Tonk Women", the chorus goes like this: "It's the honkey tonk women, that give me, give me, give me, the honkey tonk blues."
2) I bought a chorus stompbox at the music store for $50.
3) He missed chorus practice today.
by Bill M. August 30, 2004
52 16
Opposite of introduction. A way of leading out of a topic.
A short form is extro

It can also be used as a verb, in the opposite manner of the word introduce.
John read the extroduction of his favorite book.

Let me extroduce Mr. T, the man who needs no introduction.
by Dr. Fred Manly January 20, 2009
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