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Thesaurus for inferiority complex

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for inferiority complex

A peronality complex that consists of power trips and false machismo to make up for short height and feelings of inferiority.
George Constanza felt inferior because of his height, but he didn't have much of a napoloeon complex.
by TL February 20, 2005
Someone under the 25th percentile for stature for their age, sex, and country.
(5'7" and under for men and 5'2" and under for women in the US)
by Silvio July 26, 2003
Legendary sex organ of the Negroid-Australoid Dravidian male, scientifically proven to be larger than the Aryan Penis. Indeed, Negro-Dravidians cluster with Negro Sudanese as having the largest penises of mankind. Thus, according to a study of 301 Dravidian Blacks in Kochi, Kerala: "Mean erected length was found to be 13.01 cm & erected circumference was 11.46 cm." ("Penile length & circumference: an Indian study", K Promodu et al. Int J Impotence Res 19 (2007): 558-563). This matches the Nigerians: "The mean full-stretch penile length of the Nigerian Blacks was 13.37cm & the mean flaccid length was 9.36cm. Similar studies reported full-stretch penile lengths of 12.50cm in Italians, 12.18cm in Greeks, 9.6cm in Koreans, ... & 12.45cm in the American Caucasians ... The penile length for Nigerian Blacks was longer than those of the other races." ("'Oversized' Penile Length In The Black People; Myth Or Reality" JC Orakwe, GU Ebuh. Tropical J Medical Res 11.1 (2007): 16-18.)

Knowledge of Dravidian phallic magnitude has a hoary history, going back to the Rig-Vedic "sishna-devas". Sexologists of the Puranic Dark Ages, after careful measurements over centuries, concluded that the Dravidoid Shudra, an "Ushvah (stallion man) ... of the servile caste", averaged "a nine- to ten-inch, wrist-thick tassel", & had the largest penis of all the castes & races of mankind (Ananga Ranga III.3 cited in `The jewel in the lotus', Allen Edwardes, NY: Julian Press, 1959, p.60)
1. That Dravidian macrophallism is genetic & not environmental is supported by a study of 228 male newborns in Singapore which showed Tamils had larger penises than Malays & Chinese: "The mean penile length +/- S.D. for the full-term Asian baby was 3.6 +/- 0.4 cm. Race had a significant effect: Chinese 3.5 cm, Malay 3.6 cm & Indian {ie. Singapore-Indian or Tamil} 3.8 cm." ("Penile length of newborns in Singapore", WB Lian et al. Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. 13.1 (Jan. 2000):55-62.)

2. "This fabled size of the perfect Dravidian Penis, coupled with its superior erectile stamina, enables the Dravidian male to provide much greater sexual satisfaction than the Aryan. Hence, an Aryan woman who has once had intercourse with a Dravidoid will never return to Aryan men & their irritatingly small Zubbs, as these can no longer provide her the vaginal friction necessary for orgasm." - Hindustani Folk Saying on the preference of Hindi women for Telinga soldiers imported by Mughals.

3. In contrast, the Aryan Penis is amongst the smallest in the world. Thus, as per the Andromedical Study, "The
smallest averages were found in India 10.2 cm (3.9 in) & South Korea 9,6 cm (3.7 in)." (ClickPress, Wed Jan 11 2006). Further, an ICMR study of 1400 Indo-Aryan men from Mumbai, Delhi & Chandigarh found: "60% of men in ... Mumbai had penises about 2.4 cm (1 in.) shorter than those condoms catered for." ("Oversized condoms a headache for many Indian men," Reuters, 8 Dec. 2006).
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 30, 2010
Low or lower in order, degree, or rank

A person lower in rank, status, or accomplishment than another.
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

--Eleanor Roosevelt
by Gremlin July 29, 2003
The cause of feelings of inferiority.
Josh Dunn caught penis envy after assuming his friends had bigger ding-a-lings, so he bought a bigger TV.
by Mr Member February 14, 2010
Leland Stanfurd Junior University. It is located in the crotch of the San Francisco Bay, in Palo Alto. Known for being an overpriced country club and not a true university. Home to a dysfunctional band and an idiotic tree as their mascot. Their students suffer from "Cal envy". They all wish they could wear the Blue and Gold. Go Bears!!
I hope I am able to get into Cal, if not I'll have to take out a big loan and settle for Stanfurd. Maybe I'll just go to city college.
by sfguy August 11, 2005
When a person is led to believe that they are in some way more superior to everybody else. Pride is fine up until a point, but as soon as you believe that you are in some special way better than everybody else, you become a dickhead.
Pretty much everybody on UrbanDictionary.com (including me) is arrogant.
by don't you respond to me June 05, 2004
Thinking too highly of yourself. *Its ok to be cocky if you're the shiznit, though.*
George is really cocky, but it's okay because he's hot and he is the shiznit!
by Aleu April 26, 2003
When one believes that many people around one hates one.
"Stop ignoring your friend, you're going to give her a complex"
by 57_79 January 29, 2005
1.The male genitals
2.An abrasive man
3.Short-form for "Richard"
1.I loved the feel of his dick inside me
2.Stop being such a dick
3.His name was Dick and he had a large dick but he was such a dick.
by Buk Akka Tehcock April 12, 2003