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A ridiculous story told by liars, nobody ever belives them and only the liars are stupid enough to think that people acctually do
Guy 1: Dude this kid told me the biggest Ralph story, he said that on call of duty he shot a javelin at the moon and the pieces fell onto the map and killed everyone so he called in uav and the uav got 867 kills so he called in 25,000 nukes but buzz lightyear was mad at him for destroying the moon so he came into the game and killed everyone and ate the nuke then the game ended and i got a challenge and infinity ward gave me 1000th prestige free
Guy 2: Wow what an exaggeration
by Mountaindewizsik February 16, 2010
magnify beyond truth,

or to make something seem larger,better,worse or more important than it really is or needs to be
(1)I'm sure he exaggerates his Irish accent (=tries to sound more Irish than he really is).
(2)Demand for the product has been greatly exaggerated.
by Samson Gosul May 24, 2006
a word to discribe something so amazing that it just shits divine great-ness, the word is only to be used once a week due to its hyperbolic-ness
john: eyyy nigga u see the new twilght movie?
brian:naw foo but i heard it was the shit
john: naw man fuck u that shit was hyperbolic!
brian:ima give u some suga <3
by kreampie July 06, 2010
when someone gets excited about something hype calm down homey.
by tmacafella July 17, 2003

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