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Thesaurus for guy sebastian

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for guy sebastian

A large turd with dangerous amounts of hair on either end, resembling an afro styled hair-do.
See Guy Sebastian
I'm not touching your afroturd
by Gay Sebastian May 06, 2005
sooo hot!!!! best singer in the world!!! so should have beaten casey but is totally killing casey's song!! and beat guy sebastian's selling record!! go anthony!!!
visit www.anthonycallea.com.au to hear the single and watch the film clip. head to all music stores to buy the prayer!!! we all luv u anthony!!!
by leesh beesh January 06, 2005
Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, who is especially kind and caring to others. She is a woman who above all else knows the value of having fun, and not taking life too seriously. She is a woman that you can trust and count on to brighten your day. She is a woman who can inexplicably make you feel really good just by being around her, and yet brings such great sadness when she is gone. She is a woman who I will never really get to know.
Virginia is a beautiful woman!
by Your friend forever July 20, 2005
another word 4 cool!!!!! we use it all da time @ skool and its a word describing guy sebastian and orlando bloom!!!
cooliez is so cooliez lol im spaz
by corinth ROX!!!! March 11, 2004
a religious group which promotes worship of a human leader and devotion of one's life to a specific purpose.
Some have members practice certain rituals or follow a set of principle rules. The group usually believes its way is the only correct way to live life, and all non-members are doomed to some horrible fate if they cannot be persuaded to join.
Mormonism could easily be seen as a cult. Jesus is the savior, and unless you devote your life to following his teachings you will suffer a firey torture in Hell.
by Jessica January 18, 2004
used for a normal/bloke-ish kind of boy. orringinates from guy fawks
"that guy is boring"
by D'arcy-Starr McIntosh August 02, 2005
anyone who defines their own name on urban dictionary
what the shit? that kid is a fucking idiot.
by ed\'s neighbor (and friend) October 11, 2003
Someone human, whose abilities in certain field makes him/her look like god
Kurt Kobain is my idol
by Mario F Monsalve December 15, 2005