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when someone cums all over your fuckin face
Trent pulls out his dick and cums all over Abigail's face
by Sarah Trent ya Wack June 17, 2004
1; A generic alternative for "laying down the mack" 2; to flirt 3; the first step in the process of getting laid
I think it's time that I start layin' down the Lauren
by urbanhooker December 11, 2010
To lay one's mack down:
1) To enter into an arena and get your groove on.
2) To seduce a girl with your presence and your oozing charisma.
3) The physical act of taking off your coat or over garment and placing it on the floor; being sure not to contravene any health and safety regulations.
1) I bowled in, saw the dance floor and simply proceeded to lay the mack down.
2) That girl was all over me, that's what happens when I lay the mack down.
3) I came in to the room, found an appropriate spot and thought this is where I shall lay the mack down.
by Paul Bennett May 19, 2006
flirting, being ostentatious to attract member(s) of the opposite sex
where'd those girls go? i was really mackin' it to them
by Anonymous July 14, 2002
1. n. Semen
2. v. To orgasm

Usage Note: the word is spelled with a 'u' to differentiate it from 'come,' which has a... cleaner definition.
I just got some spam inviting me to "cum here." Is there a double meaning here???
by The Grammar Nazi November 19, 2001
Created when a girl with cum or skeet on her face has sex with multiple guys while leaving the cum on her face.

Describes a sexual activity that combines a gang bang with a bukkake session. The most common scenerio involves 1 girl and no fewer than 3 males, usually around 10 males. The guys line up, fuck the girl and then pull out before they cum and skeet all over her face. The girl then leaves the cum on her face while the next guy in line fucks her. He then blows his load on her face as well. By the time the 10th guy is fucking her, the girl's face is covered with 9 loads of cum. For a true cum mask to be created, the cumaltive skeet must remain on the girl's face until each guy has fucked her.

Other names include dream shower, skeet mask, skeet shower.
Dude, you should have come over last night. Allison let us give her a cum mask. While I was fucking her she already had at least four cum shots on her face, and it looked like she slipped and fell into a bowl of pancake batter.
by Arnie the Carnie June 04, 2006
The number one cause of blindness in females ages 13-40.
She was blinded by the hot cumshot.
by Da Nut Slinga August 27, 2003
The act of humiliating a girl by ejaculating on her face and having her sit with it on her face until the sexual component has left, and the situation turns to humiliation. As she sits there it's imperative she cannot wipe it off. During this time you ask her questions about how she feels and whats going through her head. By this time you will see the mental breakdown begin.
I totally want to deface her face. I think she wouldnt be as stuck up if she had a load or two on her face and i had her ponder why she is a whore.
by reggie knowles September 29, 2006
<transitive verb>
1) To eject swiftly.
2) To utter suddenly.
3) To blow a full-on shed-full of baby-batter out of your jap's eye.
1) The pilot ejaculated from the aircraft just before the point of collision.
2) "Oh!" Thomas ejaculated, "That came as a surprise."
3) I have just ejaculated into your mother's vaginal crevice.
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
Interjection commonly used after a person has been insulted, disgraced, or humiliated. Derived from the phrase "in your face."

See also: Foice, Fish, pHacR.
"Last night I got pulled over for tipping."
by slag March 30, 2004

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