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Thesaurus for fuck an a

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for fuck an a

1. The universally recognized "F word"
2. N. Implying complete and utter confusion
3. N. a really stupid person
4. V. To procreate
5. adj. Can be used to modify any word for more passion
6. Int. Expresses disgust
7. Int. Expresses complete suprise and joy
8. adv. Can be used to make a command more urgent
1. I do not accept the "F word" as your name
2. What in the fuck?
3. You stupid fuck!
4. I sugest we go fuck in your mothers bed while eating crackers and petting a cat name mittens!
5. This fucking guy was so fucking weird. He asked me if I was fucking insane.
6. Aw, FUCK!!
7. Holy fuck! You guys rock!
8. Just fucking jump before I fucking kick you in the balls!
by Cheese-man April 05, 2003
1. To agree with something. Comes from the Military Saying "Affirmative," which was said by soldiers in the Heat of battle as "Fucking Affirmative" which was later shortened to "Fucking A"
2. However over the years the meaning of this phrase has been changed and is now used to express something as good.
3. Also can be used to describe something bad.
4. Pretty much can be used for anything depending on the user
1. Bob: Hey man did you see the Red Sox Game last night?
Antwon: Ya, Fucking A man!!!!

2. Bob: Hey how did the Red sox Game go last night?
Antwon: Fucking A man, they kicked ass!

3. Bob: Hey how did the Red Sox Game go last night?
Antwon: Fucking A man, the Yankees raped us

4. Bob: Hey how did the Red Sox game go last night?
Antwon: Fucking A man, Aliens came and abducted the ump, it was crazy!!!
by colorfull mouse May 31, 2006
a common greeting used by British. Usually used in conjunction with the word "-mate" e.g.
Bhan: "Alright Mate"
Chod: "Alright"
by ak47 February 25, 2004
A white and fluffy plant, commonly picked by negro slaves on plantations in the southern United States in the 1800's. Used to make tee-shirts and other clothing products.
"Get back to pickin' that cotton before I whip your black ass."
by Ryan Deere April 27, 2007
The all purpose word.
Example 1: *See's hot girls* Damn.

Example 2: *Your team loses a game* Damn.

Example 3: *You spill coffee on a white shirt* Damn.
by Mike April 04, 2004
Proper terminology for oversized black 'hipster' glasses. Legend has it that through these useless bifocals, the world actually looks 40% more inferior to you.
Emma's douchegoggles may have caused her to think that Raphael was impressed by her Belle and Sebastien tee shirt.
by Noma D. Plume March 05, 2011
A gorgeous, young individual with a great personality,long dark hair,and a hot body. She tends to be smart, straight forward and lot of people tend to like her.
boy 1: I met this girl the other day,she was amazingly kind and gorgeous.
boy 2: oh i don't meet to many fanas where I am from.
by editor12345 May 19, 2009
In Total agreement with someone on a topic, A stronger use of the word i agree or fuck an A dude.. was used in the movie "Dodgeball" as well.
Man its really hot in here? F an A Cotton

Did you bang my girl last nite dude? F an A Cotton

I think that dude needs his ass kicked. F an A Cotton
by Nacho King80 July 07, 2009

Pronunciation: eff.em.ease

Def: This is an abbreviated way of saying "Fuck Me Eyes" on the d/l.

History: First invented at an amusement park in Northern Cali (circa 1990) as a polite way to speak in front of guests with offending any innocent bystanders.
Mechanic 1: "Dude, I made eye contact w/ that hottie"
Mechanic 2: "Sweet dude, did she give you FMEs?"
by CITH March 23, 2006