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An older children's tv show. Very similar to Sesame Street, but many have been quoted as refering to it as, "Sesame Street on acid."
Sometimes when I watch Fraggle Rock I can almost hear the colors.
by littlecheese February 22, 2006
A young, often homeless meth head of either gender in the Baltimore/Wash DC area usually tied to the gay community, however not always gay themselves. These "kids" (ranging in age 18-35) can be seen various hours day and night wandering the streets of DC looking for their next shot-or a couch upon to crash having been kicked from their last hangout. 1-on-1 they aren't too bad, but as a group they are generally trouble. Wherever they appear, the police (who know them all by name) aren't far behind-most likely following them to see where their source originates. In a good year, the Fraggles find 1-2 people with whom they can move into their homes and live for free until the person (usually a dealer) is busted and immediately robbed by the Fraggles, who then move on to their next victim. Most Fraggles have numerous psychological problems (many believe their insanity will keep them out of prison) in addition to their addiction, not to mention high rates of STD's. They will call at any hour repeatedly, but never from the same number twice. If you live in their path they will appear at your door, unannounced and with numerous new friends for a variety of reasons. If they cannot get past your front desk security they will create a scene in the lobby, or scream at the top of their lungs, regardless the hour, from the street below your bldg until you allow entry -or whoever they believe you have with you exits. They're profusely sorry following such events until the next occurrence.
"Those two bitches got in another fight over that Fraggle they both claim is their boyfriend again."

"Wait!? Which boyfriend? The dude that the fat bitch has had three different restraining orders against in the past three months? The gay dude?"

"Yes, that guy. It doesn't matter....they are all Fraggles anyway!"
by Teva August 20, 2012
used to defeat scissors in a game
aha! my rock beat your scissors!
by iamthelead January 23, 2005
1. to kill an enemy in a single person shooter computer game.
2. to throw a grenade in your officer's bunker and obliterate your officer.
1. Dude...My frag count just hit 250. Yeah man!! Unreal Tournament RULES!!

2. We don't fight...We frag.
by Frag-a-mamma September 11, 2002
The sound someone makes when trying to get oxygen whilst getting throat-fucked.
person 1: *RAGGLE RAGGLE*....*COUGH*.... :spits:
person 2: You're a real raggler, aren't you.
by phantomx May 03, 2011
Something most Men don't treat right.
I know how to treat a lady.
by DirtyWhiteBoy August 24, 2003
A very funny rapper and podcast. She's black and proud. Lady Raptastic sends out a weekly podcast chronicling her crazy life.
Lady Raptastic and her gay friend Chris are always arguing.
by PCee January 14, 2008
Used any way possible(n., v., adv., etc.) meaning a rapper that is fantastic. Or a rap that is fantastic.

Copyrights: May not be used unless consulted by D-Swizzle, goddess of Raptastic International Industries(M). May not change the meaning of the word such as rap(per) combined with sadistic, etc. The word is not legit unless coming from the mouth of the previously stated goddess or if copyright symbol is not present(M). Penalty for not following stated rules will be punished to the highest degree. Death by: listening to Justin Beiber/Rebecca Black, unicorn stabbing, gang rape, or infinite suicides until you die. Your choice.
The music artist Drake is raptastic.
by M-Swizzle November 14, 2011
adj. Unknown origin.

1. To be affected by an intoxicant and especially by substances that yield THC.
I'm afraid that my ability to answer that question has been somewhat compromised your honour, due to the fact that I'm fraggled.
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
A frat member... Defined by polos, sperrys, tank tops, living with a bunch of dudes, and an all-around douchy attitude.
Non-Frat Member: "hey you want to go to a legit house party tonight man?"

Frat Member: "Nah man i'm going to the frat house to chill with all the guys"

Non-Frat Member: "Wow you're a fraggot"
by Craig Makk October 02, 2011

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