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Thesaurus for flustered

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for flustered

To be horny but unable to satisfy those urges due to location, crowds, or lack of a lover.
Jill felt very frustrated while at the office since her boyfriend's teasing phonecall.
by Emma Jeannette November 10, 2007
George Bush is so confused he thinks he's a suitable president
by Brendan October 10, 2003
A synonym of fuck or shit when used in a way to express exclamation.
-FLUSTER! I got shot!
-Haha man you're fucked.
by dantheman [wec] February 05, 2009
I live in the southeast US. I first started hearing "flustrated" by local speakers a few years ago. It was apparent that the speakers were not using this for comic effect; the speakers were quite angry at the time.

I don't think that it's a combination of flustered and frustrated...just a variant pronounciation of "frustrated". If you look at the examples used by the other contributors on this site, I think that they illustrate the use of this term as "frustrated".
My boss keeps giving me contradictory directions of what he wants. It really gets me flustrated.
by carolina jessamine June 18, 2006
How I felt when I saw only one definition for angry.

Angry is an emotion that highly contrasts and disagrees with the emotion, happy.

Someone feeling angry will usually have a lack of joy, a lack of judgement, a sense of inbred hate, and overall frustration.

The "image" of someone being angry is usually accompanied by violence, a frown, the furrowing of the eyebrows, and sometimes growling.
Angry is a synonym for mad.

Bruce Banner turns into The Hulk whenever he gets angry (mad).
by Dre Tran July 18, 2006
1) To make unhappy.

2) Unhappy; angry.

3) To defeat a favored opponent.

4) A victory over a favored opponent.
1) Eric upset Alexandra by buying her mints, as she thought he was implying her breath smelled bad.

2) Catherine was still upset; she hadn't gotten over Mary's rude behavior at the party.

3) Lucas upset Dino, the nieghborhood's best tennis player, in the best-of-three-set match.

4) The White Sox scored a major upset over the over the Twins when Buehrle pitched a comple-game shutout.
by Diggity Monkeez February 17, 2005
1. Trying to get to home plate with a girl but can’t even get to first base.

2. Wanting to date a girl but she won’t even give you any attention

3. Continuously getting turned down by the opposite sex

4. Seeing all of your friends getting married while you can’t even meet someone who likes you back

5. When your friends/family have a life and you don’t

6. Hearing of all your friend’s successes when you have nothing but failures

7. When your friends are getting everything in life when you cant even get the smallest thing

8. Being on the freeway during rush hour

9. The feeling you get when you hear your taxes are going up again
My life is nothing but a giant frustration--nothing less and nothign more. I don't understand it.
by krock1dk December 11, 2007
State of being after dealing with any government agency.

See also Pissed off, hostile, angry, and borderline psychotic.
Joe was remarkably annoyed after spending 15 hours on the phone to the IRS.
by kitten01 January 31, 2011
A combination of flustered and frustrated.
All that drama got me so flusterated! That is so flustrating!
by mstabbycat February 05, 2009
A mental block that clouds your brain when people piss the fuck out of you, and all you can think about is beating the living soul outta them. When you eat sooo much you undergo a transformation of becoming FATT, yes, big belly fat, and u start having amnesia about the normal duties of life like showering.

A good scenario would be going to a fucked up school with fucked up people, and when you dont get enough time to study you have to stress about pretending to be sick or actually GETTING urself sick so you dont have to go to school the next day.

Guy who Threw Crap: Here! Let me throw another one at you!!!!!


The Guy unfortunately gets beaten up reallll good!
what can i say? stress some1 out like that and this is whatcha get!!
by IMSTRESSED February 04, 2009