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When a man shoots his cum on a womans labia majora and the woman leaves it there until it dries. Then the next man who gets in her pants finds her labia majora encrusted in cum.
"I pulled down her pants and found she had a crusty clam, so I licked it off."
by Mike Gallagher September 02, 2005
The result of the panty crotch absorbing the moisture of the pussy juice.A thick paste with a mild sweaty smell.It's to die for.
Let your lady spend four or five hours in a mall.Scrap the crotch of her panties with your nail and sniff.
by Jayrod May 24, 2003
A limp penis that has been stroked to the point of ejaculation causing the semen to ooze out and become a lubricant for the final strokes of masturbation.
After he forgot to take his Viagra, and his date went home disappointed, the old man rubbed his flaccid dick and settled for a slippery eel.
by bliponthescreen February 03, 2011
worn out, wobbly, stretched, overused, abused, out of round
What do you do when a girls pussy gets wollard out? Answer;Stick a picnic ham in it and pull out the bone.

Dude, I'm feeling a little wollard out today.

I was like seventh in line by the time I got in there it was all wollard-out.

hog waller
by mark gonos March 12, 2008

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