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Thesaurus for faesty

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for faesty

Crazy Mother Fucker
he is such a C.M.F
by Allison May 21, 2003
A response of derision, dismissal or unappreciation. A noise to reject opinions or ignore interjections. Negative.
Person 1 "Delia is well fit". Person 2 "Psshhh".

Girl 1 " Emmerdale is the best soap." Girl 2 "Psshhh. Eastenders all the way."

Boy 1 "Jennifer Aniston is as hot as it gets." Boy 2 "Psshhh. Angelina Jolie. Psshhh."

Unwelcome stranger "Hey baby." Unsuspecting victim "Psshhh."
by Hoezyn December 29, 2009
Abbreviated Coded Rendition of Name Yielding Meaning.
A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. is an acronym.
by Alucrix September 27, 2005
Me, see example for reason.
I once woke up my mate at 12:00AM to show him my completed rubiks cube!
by JayGee July 22, 2004
1. Having characteristics of or pertaining to a douche.

2. Sucky.
The Padres sure are douchey.

Dude, that was a douchey thing you just did.
by David July 22, 2003
Jamaican slang for someone being cheeky, rude or out of order. Commonly used by black people in urban areas of UK, in early 1960's onwards. Now adopted by the various cultures (youth) of those areas, as much of Jamaican slang has now been.
Jamaican: "Bwoy yu sa facety!"
English: "Na man, you're facety!"
by Connie Wilson January 04, 2006
Unfortunate, or lame. Geigh is the loophole out of Homophobia, and by not insulting gay people (Gay does not equal Geigh), now you're a valiant liberal!
That math test was so geigh....No, Julio, I'm not offending homos!
by Poppa z April 25, 2005
kiss my teeth - kmt

short msn/yahoo/aim.... word

say it wen som1 says or does somin stupid
kely: y dint u come my party yesterday
john:i had to go to a funeral
kely:kiss my teeth
by LiL Jka January 17, 2005
Another way of saying no.
Jamal: Yo you wanna go to the the gallery.
Jay: Negative...

Or you could say Negativity...

Jena: I know you like tha bul Jerome!
Mia: Negativity. He looks like a monkey...
by E-RoC-Da-bELLs December 14, 2005