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Music that began the original rock music that we now love and cherishfinally. Spastic guitars that blend to make one melodic sound, steady and fact drum beats that create the backbone of the music, smooth basslines that keep you awake while wondering what the hell the bassist is thinking about, and a voice that makes you want to fuck. and then fuck some more.
I am listening to the strokes, ie sex.
by Cin September 25, 2003
guitarist for the strokes. has better hair than you'll ever have in your life time. he is the sex. case in point, he can make the dumbest comment or the stupidest facial expression and you'll still want to have his babies. he owns you.
nick valensi, the definition of sex.
by n.s. January 04, 2004
Guitarist for The Strokes, also has the best fashion sense and afro of any man alive. During guitar solos he practically has an orgasm. It makes for a nice show.
I want to do Albert Hammond Jr.
by eltonjohn May 27, 2006
One of the sexiest guys in music. The voice, the face, the clothes, the hair..the drinking & smoking!! There is nothing hotter.
by Yassa October 08, 2003
Franco-Russian soft-haired and soft-spoken bassist for the Strokes. Often found in the background of photos and obscured by a lot of hair. Has great taste in literature and a heart of gold. Plays chess and Trivial Pursuit.
I met Nikolai Fraiture and we talked about how "Crime and Punishment" was actually inferior to "The Devils."
by Maria Varela November 15, 2003
A guy who rolls with the punches and laughs at himself before he laughs at others is an Albert. An Albert is one of the most thoughtful, kind, sexy human beings on earth. Most Alberts serve their country and give selfishly, not expecting anything in return. In addition, Alberts are fun, smart, incredibly hot and are great with animals (especially monkeys). There should be more Alberts in the world. To know an Albert is to love an Albert, so those with something bad to say, haven't met a true one yet.
"Man, that guy is the nicest guy on earth, and the way he helps others with grace, humility and all out sexiness?...He's gotta be an Albert!".
by UrbanMonkeyLA February 04, 2010
A passive aggresive musician. One who plays the bass guitar, an insturment with more influence than most non-musicians are actually aware of.
Paul would veto new songs by intentionally playing crappy basslines.
by riotch August 12, 2005
Binki Shapiro is a doe-eyed blonde headed beauty who's one third of the Brazilian-American indie band, Little Joy. Her fashion sense is marvelous and she literally has the most sweetest angelic voice ever! Although a native of Los Angeles, she currently resides in New York City with her boyfriend/Little Joy bandmate Fab Moretti of The Strokes.
My Bro: Hey, you heard of Moretti's side project Little Joy?
Me: Yup they're pretty damn cool,why?
My Bro: Who's the gorgeous girl in the band?
Me: Oh that's Binki Shapiro! Isn't she beautiful? Plus her voice is like god! Did you know her and Fab are dating?
by BraSalvaMex November 09, 2011
A drummer is someone who gets a lot of stereotypes. People assume that Drummers are dumb people with no musical talent. When in reality, drums are the backbone of most music. Drummers keep time and keep the beat going. Drummers also do have a lot of musical talent. It takes a lot of coordination to be a good drummer. They also have to be able to feel the music. And yes I am a drummer :-P
Dumbass: haha you're just a stupid drummer with no talent.
Drummer: Oh yeah you try playing the drums
Dumbass: Ahh crap i can't do it. Well you're still dumb.
Drummer: Which is why you're failing more classes than me right?
by MASSIVE LOAF June 30, 2004

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