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Acronym for Faggots and Dykes United. It's the insensitive way to refer to the Gay and Lesbian alliance.
Perez Hilton and Rosie O'Donnel would be the king and queen of F.A.D.U.
by FilthyMexicanJesusMan aka FMJM September 18, 2009
The all purpose word.
Example 1: *See's hot girls* Damn.

Example 2: *Your team loses a game* Damn.

Example 3: *You spill coffee on a white shirt* Damn.
by Mike April 04, 2004
Something not worth doing.
Quantum Physics is difficult.
by dano magnum October 22, 2006
n. A safe, comical way to announce one's absolute bewilderment.
Ken paints all the new cars in his household to resemble an early US Naval Squadron, the 3rd Observation Squadron, for instance. He just likes the bright color schemes…

Bill travelling down the interstate sees the newly painted-up cars travelling in a row, all with the ancient naval markings, and remarks, "What the fadoo is going on here?"

Tiger has recently had slew of affairs, although he has a remarkably beautiful wife. Now, he could be facing a costly divorce, loss of product endorsements, diminished public favour, etc.

Jo Anne, reflecting on Tiger's looming plight remarks, " What the fadoo was he thinking?"

Fadoo is a word that replaces the harsher, sexually charged taboo word f***.
by Never Was An Arrow II December 07, 2009
A Titantium ring, the ultimate in bling. Used as the best female pulling jewellery there is, women fall weak to their knees in begness of the TiRing attention. "Kevin R" is the pinnacle of the TiRing wearing crew and others can only hope to follow such power.
Check out mah TiRing yo!
I ain't a slut yo!
My TiRing is the baddest!
My TiRing can't be broken, it's on my hand forever!
by auroras1 January 22, 2008

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