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I have dyslexia and it is a lot more than just getting numbers and letters mixed up. your brain also learns in a completly different way. for example i almost failed the first grade because i could not read. my teacher told my parents that if i could not read on a first grade level by the end of the summer she was going to have to fail me. my parents then took me to a psychologist and she diagnosed me with Dyslexia and ADD. my parents found a tutor that knew how to teach kids with dyslexia, and in 2 months i was on a 4th grade reading level. it also effects my spelling. small words such as it i forget how to spell. I am now in the 11th grade have a 4.5 GPA i am taking college classes and i am in the top 6% of my class.
having dyslexia does not mean that you are stupid.
by BCMD August 07, 2007
The condition or act of answering texts in the wrong order causing confusion and irritation to your confusable and irritable co-workers and friends.
To Friend: Hey wanna hangout Tuesday night?

From Friend: Sure what time?

From Friend: Btw how's the new job?

To Friend: Job is pretty cool so far. Can you go Tuesday?

From Friend: I already told you I could go out! Didn't you get my reply?

To Friend: Sorry...I've got dyslextext.
by yowaldo May 24, 2010
alcohol intoxicated, drunk
I think you are becoming impaired faster than you realize.
by The Return of Light Joker January 12, 2012