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Thesaurus for dool

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for dool

Your current boss.
"I work for SUCH an ASSHOLE."
by Anonymous December 05, 2002
what one says when one is afraid to say shit
Oh crap!
by refl3xive March 25, 2004
An older male who rejects the work of his female peers on the basis of sex, despite their experience and recent training or study. Claims superiority in his field of study but proves incompetent even in the basics. Likes to mansplain things regardless.
Student 1: After I fixed that guy's web page, he told me my code was a girly joke. And his code was making the browser crash in the first place!
Student 2: Don't worry about him. He's just a dooling.
by wolf27 May 16, 2013
The Farsi language word for penis. Used as a "code word" among friends.
I have a big dool.
by M September 18, 2003
known to have some of the most exotic and beautiful girls
Golkoo is so beautiful
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
a term meaning fecal matter used by hispanics to deter their kids from touching something
Juan, don't touch that candy that fell on the floor, its caca!
by lathargic September 27, 2005
Insulting term for a black person
I went to the R&B disco at DeNiro's last night and I was the only white person in there. It was full of coons.
by Robbo February 26, 2005
Flaming liquid shit that makes you scream with pain, clench your teeth, grab hard onto the nearest solid object so that you don't get blown away, and wonder how you're still alive when it's over.
My diarrhea is so bad that I couldn't walk for five days afterwards.
by thetwentythirdgod September 16, 2003
(n.) penis

(n.) random, thoughtless drawings on whatever topics happen to be flowing through the artisits' head. Often done to relieve boredom.
"Homer, I can see your doodle!" - Ned Flanders

"I was so bored at work today. I just burned time doodling caracatues of my colleagues. I gave my boss a tail."
by Gumba Gumba August 05, 2004