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Thesaurus for disallow

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for disallow

No longer permitted.
Using ampersands in usernames has been disallowed.
by Kiko February 01, 2004
3 1
Acronym. Bitch Ass Nigga.
You got BAN (Bitch Ass Nigga) deseise.
by DEKE April 08, 2005
296 165
to leave someone or somethng out
i like to exclude gangsta people from my life
by loser_kid March 11, 2005
18 5
What my love life currently consists of
She rejected me, and she did, oh and she did as well
by Rock DJ January 15, 2005
592 92
Atiku --adjective someone who has been abandoned by his or her family, people or associates etc
example my girl atikued me at the park.
by conewear January 15, 2011
2 0
ooooohhhh! Denied!
by Pizzleonmynizzle October 18, 2003
101 20
A blissful reward that's meant to be a punishment. Possibly the most stupid punishment a school can impose. It is a period of time when an offending kid is not allowed to return to their for seriously breaking rules. Most kids get excluded because school is the last place on Earth they want to be. So they get what they want in the end.
Cassie was given an 8-day exclusion for bunking off, so she smiled, relaxed, and enjoyed the freedom.
by sume1 September 12, 2007
5 7
The word that makes sex rape.
Lets fuck.
by Spoiled May 12, 2003
6747 662
Things which you are not supposed to do, but choose to do.
I did not plan to do something so prohibited in a rented cadillac, but sometimes a chance stumbles into your life and you just have to go with it.
by Jen March 29, 2004
19 11