Thesaurus for dick and a half

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for dick and a half

1.The male genitals
2.An abrasive man
3.Short-form for "Richard"
1.I loved the feel of his dick inside me
2.Stop being such a dick
3.His name was Dick and he had a large dick but he was such a dick.
by Buk Akka Tehcock April 12, 2003
Your current boss.
"I work for SUCH an ASSHOLE."
by Anonymous December 05, 2002
dick and a half, noun: A detestable megalomaniac whose character flaws and negative impact are blatantly obvious and unavoidable. Often preceded by "fucking" for added emphasis.
Mike is a fucking dick and a half! He ruined the afternoon for everyone by trying to be a control freak and playing God!
by Kowulz April 03, 2007
A conjunction to link two clauses together.
The dog jumped over the fence AND the cat did too.
by Kieran Jones February 26, 2005
hakuna matata; problem solved
I got into a car accident today...but who gives a fuck! I got a BIG DICK!
by Jsmith1225 March 19, 2006
a person who is an idiot and shows it all too well
"Stop humping the chair! You're such a dickhead!"
by corianna March 14, 2003
approx. 1/2 of an ounce of marijuana.
yo, let me get a half.
by m.nine October 28, 2003
A Jew, refering to Circumcision.
Frank is a Half-Dick
by Cyber Ghost March 10, 2004
a psychopathological disorder resulting from delusions of magnificence, grandeur, or omnipotent power -- usually, but not limited in the interests of money or other wealth.
(1) Adolf Hitler

(2) Saddam Hussein

(3) Osama BinLaden
by Postman January 13, 2005

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