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Thesaurus for dace

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for dace

To be screwed or killed in a fashion that really sucks. Comes from the austrailian word daceton meaning screwed
MAN I DACED YOU, or dude you got daced
by Bob Dog November 02, 2004
Interjection commonly used after a person has been insulted, disgraced, or humiliated. Derived from the phrase "in your face."

See also: Foice, Fish, pHacR.
"Last night I got pulled over for tipping."
by slag March 30, 2004
A pig with wings, product of a DACing night gone haywire. A mistake.
"Is that a pig up there, watching me sleep?"
"No, that's Wonseok, the pig."
by jteaze May 16, 2013
A girl who is lovely and dreamy and cuddly and shy and beautiful and awwww *druels*
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
this person is cooler than texx, locutus, miyagi, and any other mod. He is also super tAcTiC00l. he has teh bestest gunz eva, and will kick you in the ass.
dude look at that da dace 43! i hope he doesnt kick me in the ass
by beep boop bop January 02, 2010
Fun loving, spunky girl. Always has lots of energy and is willing to do anything for a good time. Loves her friends with her whole heart and will always look out for them. A very SEXY bowler with an awesome grandma!!!! Daicee will always bring the noise level in a room way up but she also brings the party level way up!!!!! We love our Daicee

------"Shoot for two and pray for three!"------
by Rollemlikeabigshot February 02, 2013
people who are aware of how retarded you are and still manage to be seen in public with you. people who make you laugh till you pee your pants. people who cry for you when one of your special items disappear. when you dont have enough money to get a ice cream, they chip in. knows all of your internet passwords. who would never make you cry just to be mean.
I think I have a lot of friends that would fit this perfectly.
by kimi smith May 26, 2006
Comes from an old Germanic word, "gerd" or spear. Means master of the spear.
Although it may appear physically impossible, Gerardo, a true master of the spear, will spear your face off so don't mess with him.
by Denoalen April 09, 2008
when reffering to a man: A man who is down to earth, caring, thoughtfull, laidback,etc

reffering to a woman : a lady who is f-ugly
Why wont you go out with my friend? She has a great personality!

Exactly,now fuck off!
by shitty Nicko November 18, 2004