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Acronym for "be right back"
Hey, brb, g2g take a shit
The best place on Earth where you can have so much fun with awesome people that you love.
Camp Tel Noar rocks my socks.
by anonyomous February 28, 2005
The best way to say something is neat-o, awesome, or swell. The phrase "cool" is very relaxed, never goes out of style, and people will never laugh at you for using it, very conveniant for people like me who don't care about what's "in."
Homestar is cool.
The Red Sox are cool.
Twinkies are cool.
by Cool guy May 07, 2003
Corporate Thug Entertainment; Young Jeezy's group
CTE and USDA are both part of the ATL rap scene
by Young D November 25, 2006
EVER (in caps, generally pronounced in a loud tone)

This word is normally attached to a sentence to denote strong importance or to draw attention to the claim made in the sentence. One's reputation is on the line when using the word EVER.
In 2001, Playa Shawn said that Midnight Madness with AGD will be the best social EVER. Drew and Isaac responded "EVER!"

Sirius Satellite Radio is the best stock to buy EVER!
by Isaac N October 17, 2007
a friend or aqauntance
Yo what up kid
by self March 08, 2003
a place where parents send their children summer after summer. usually the place where a child experiences their first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend, lots of firsts. a place where everyone is your bestfriend, all the counselors are your family, and you trust everyone. a place where there are no secrets, everyone knows everything.
Jenny: What are you up to this summer?
Jenny: Oh. I wish i was going to summer camp.
by foooool May 09, 2006
When two people have a relationship together of more than just being friends.
So are yall talkin or is he free
by kanisha February 03, 2005
noun: a style of animation that originated and is still heavily centered in Japan.

The word 'anime' is based on the original japanese pronunciation of the american word 'animation.'

The stereotype of the anime style are characters with proportionally large eyes and hair styles and colors that are very colorful and exotic. The plots range from very immature (kiddy stuff), through teenage level, to mature (violence, content, thick plot). The classification of 'hentai' is given to animes of a stong sexual nature.

Although over 95% of anime has nothing perverted about it, most closed-minded idiots think anime is always a form of pronography.
Although most people stop watching 'cartoons' in their early teens, there are 'animes' for all age groups.
by pachmoedius March 08, 2005
the typing that people use on the computer when in communication with another person online. Usually computer talk is misspelled english.
Computer talk is a fun, fast way to talk to other people without having to type out the whole words.
by Lover123 February 20, 2006