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Here, in the richest town in the U.S., everyone owns houses bigger than most apartment complexes and drive cars that are more expensive than houses in "the rest" of America. 99% of the town is white, and all the girls wear lacoste and ralph lauren polos and oxfords (collars popped -- that's a given), j. crew classics, "real" juicy couture, and accessorize with prada. Knockoffs? What are those?! After lacrosse or field hockey practice, they all top off their polka-dot hair ribbons with eliza b. or rainbow flip flops. Don't even think about wearing just red or blue, it's all "nantucket red" and "lagoon" or "ocean spray".
Now onto the boys they date:
All wear seersucker or madras shorts/pants, and have long, stylishly unkempt hair. They all sail and play lacrosse, and are exceptional at both, when they aren't stoned or drunk. Their families attend yacht club parties every saturday night, where all the men have names like "tyler" and preppy little nicknames.
For fun in Greenwich, girls shop 'til they drop on "the Ave", where the most popular stores include "Rags" and "Wishlist", where you can pay $70 for a faded shirt that has been "professionally aged" so that the buyer can pretend to be ghetto and poor. And "ghetto" is a word used often in Greenwich. Preppy kids dressed to impress often say things like, "woah, man, your BMW is sooo mad ghetto". For the cash it takes to buy the sportscars that are cruising around Greenwich, you could buy and refurbish a ghetto.
Bottom line: Greenwich is preppy to the max, a prime example of a community so sheltered that most of the people there have an incredibly skewed perspective of wealth.
Greenwich, the home of the plastics.
by kidfromgreenwich June 25, 2005
761 381
The slums of Greenwich, CT the people who live there don't like to be associated with Greenwich Proper, as they don't like to be associated with Byram
All the best people in Greenwich come from Byram
by Holko January 13, 2005
28 19
Its what Tupac's character says in Juice (1992) when he caps another hoodie under a bridge. Side note: one of Tupac's best performances, on screen or off. Wayne Brady totally copied him on the Chappelle Show.
Tupac: "Riverside, motherfucker"
by FREEKATIE July 12, 2005
313 173
It is used to describe the backside of somebody. It also Can mean a sexy Butt or nice curves on the back.

That Boy's Backcountry is very muscular.

Bobbi Billard Has a Fucking Hott Backcountry, I want to bang her.

After my freind Screwed a prostitute, he gave her a blumpkin and her Backcountry sweled like a balloon.

by PP prompley on me April 03, 2007
2 16
A town near Schenectady that proves that the "old boy network" is alive and well. Full of crooked politicians, theiving town employees, and someone who drives around all day as a BTK murderer copy-cat. But hey, it's still better than Schenectady!!
officer: "Sir are you aware the town code states your grass can be no higher than three inches, and your garbage cans cannot be in plain site except on garbage day?"

citizen: "Is this Glenville or Nazi Germany?"

by Williecuztheygavemynamewilhelmaway November 09, 2007
28 13
A town near Cincinnati, Ohio that is made fun of a lot due to having a name that sounds like it's referring to your ass.
"There's a sewage dump in Mianus."
"Bob, that's sick. Take that out of Mianus this instant!"
by KaiserMonkey August 19, 2003
138 26