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(also: Understanding)

that capacity of the intellect(with the aid of the body and the senses), alongside reason(with which it exists in reciprocity) which enables man to have insight and substance to the words and concepts he makes use of. not only that but to see, to perceive.

in its essentialy quality of being it is feminine.

for simplicity's sake, we may remind ourselves that we have a brain which has two hemispheres, the left hemisphere correlated with the right hand and has to do with rational thought, reason and logic.
the right hemishpehre correlated with left hand, and has to do with imagination, originality, 'irrational' feelings so on and so forth.

the understanding enables us to add new data to an idea, under a concept, words. and synthesize differnt elements from differnt ideas and concepts. it is creative.
reason enables us to analyze, critisize. but the understanding enables us to see immediately when its enough, to have temperamence and ingenuity, what time , continuous strife and practice in themselves cannot give us.
it is true, reason is that which makes us differnt from the 'animals' (or our 'lower' nature). but in a way the understanding is that which makes us different from robots.

interestinly enough, the term understanding isn't only used in psychology and philosophy, but in our daily regular and subconscious speech.
"now i see, now i understand"

("it came to me, i finally understood")

"you misunderstand, don't you see? cookies are forever. ^.^"
by Ooops taut mafteah bitul June 15, 2008

1. To grab onto tightly with the hand; creating a death grip with the hand
2. To gain understanding of a concept or idea
Reaching blindly into the darkness, his groping hand managed to grasp a solid support, saving him from certain doom.

It took several minutes of explaining, but eventually I grasped the idea being presented to me.
by Hamlin Ortiz July 21, 2005
to finally understand

"dude i just realized how screwed we are"
by lil_MoE February 04, 2009
Agree with last definition.
by tl1234 April 07, 2013
you can understand it.
shane is anything but comprehendable.
we should make him be more comprehendable.
by Jane__ May 31, 2005
A term used to define a member of the opposite sex that would be seen to be attractive enough to have sexual intercourse with. In many cases this term is applied loosely to any female that a male would 'like to give a poke' (whether it be with or without the influence of 'Beer googles').

"Yeah, she'd definitely get it!"

In the use of the term by a male, 'It' would be the erect male phallacy. i.e. she would 'get it', implies that "she invites my male genitalia''
by Akash Barvic Sleeves October 21, 2003
means: r u understand ? when u can't catch a phrase ,, when someone talk to u,, or may be used to describe getting something.
the teacher said: hey, u got it?..
by hunterB52 June 08, 2011
in Biblical times, it meant to sleep with someone. you will see the word used in the Bible to mean that.
God: "Abe, you knew your maidwoman as well as Sarah? And she gave birth to that bastard of yours, Ishmael?"

Abraham (boasting his double scoring): "Yep, God. My sons are Isaac and Ishmael."
by terrell mateo May 28, 2003
A discussion that occurs in which I'm right, but he/she/they haven't realized it yet.
I get into an argument with <insert female name here>.
by Venomizer April 01, 2004
A word used to identify a post with a certain number that marks a milestone on a forum.

A common example is on 4chan or a similar site where people race to obtain 4MIL GET (4000000th post) or perhaps even 7777777GET.

However, the GET may be either successful, leading it to be enjoyed and commemorated by the community or a failure, leading to posts filled with sage and general unpopularity.

"omg, a modget, fails harder than milhouse"
by Skye E. June 03, 2007