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Thesaurus for compel

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for compel

to compel by force, intimidation, or authority, esp. without regard for individual desire or volition
Pistols firing at my feet coerce me to dance
by Jamerz113 June 17, 2009
18 4
Being forced by threat of your spouse to do things you normally wouldn't do.
I went to see Sex and the City at wifepoint.
by druC4 July 23, 2009
13 0
Blackmail refers to a situation that arises when a person threatens another person with some form of punishment if they do not offer some form of concessions. Blackmail is usually the result of one person somehow obtaining embarassing information about another and threatening to disclose it unless some form of payment (money or favors) is offered. The term originates from the words "black" and "mail", which referred to the dark or threatening nature of the letters (mail) that were received detailing the threat. Although blackmail usually entails paying a price to obtain another person's silence about an embarassing situation, it need not involve an actual event before it can be conducted. The threat of embarassing someone for a contrived event can be enough to conduct blackmail effectively, provided the threat is believable.
Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition frequently tells companies that if they do not donate to their cause and hire their members, they will accuse them of racism and organize commerce-damaging protests. Whether any racism exists or not, the threat of income loss and negative publicity is enough to extract blackmail money.
by FigurinOutLife March 24, 2004
406 77
The act of constantly whining and making "MERRRRR"-like sounds in order to get exactly what you want.
Usually followed by a high pitched laugh and complete denial of ones own demanding
If demands are not met, demander gets in a BIG FAT MOOD until you feel guilty and give in to the demand.
Lacey: Give me your cardi
Lauren: But im cold
Lacey: Your so selfish, im cold
Lauren: MERRRRR demand
by Wainey April 24, 2007
16 26
To get something by threats or other unfair means.
Two greedy people falsely accused Michael Jackson of child molestation in attempts to EXTORT money from him.
by MKTrthBTld February 04, 2012
274 5
An energy field created by all
living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.
"The Force is strong with this one."
by gerhard December 16, 2004
322 130
The act of inspiring fear through appearing dangerous.
Football players growl at the other team for intimidation.
by Jon Davis January 13, 2004
35 18
Being forced by threat of your spouse to do things you normally wouldn't do.
I went to see Sex and the City at wifepoint.
by DruC4 July 23, 2009
9 1