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two of the absolute worst things in life
collectivism and universalism are two of the absolute worst things in life
and you can also take 'togetherness' 'tolerance' and 'sense of community' and shove it up your commie ass!
civic minded people are sick minded people...
by freedom doesn't exist December 22, 2005
Derogatory name for a Communist.

Related words : Pinko
"In the 1950's, McCarthy wanted to destroy those that he called 'Commies'"
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
Communism is the final stage of the political reform started witha revolution, according to Marx. First masses of workers will rebel in a industrialezed country; they will implant a socialist government in order to adapt the country for later changes. After private property is banished, and the people possess everything, thenthere will be no need for government, thus the state will be destroyed, to form a society with no social classes. It important to remember that Marx knew that the mentality of man needed to change in order of this to work. He believe in the concept of the "new man" who was humble and just. It is also important to remeber did not believe in a country alone with this structure, but he believed that the whole world adapt to this change. Given this, it is safe to say that no country has ever achieved communism, and anyone who has a sense of equality do agree with this utopia.
No, Russia was not communist, neither is Cuba.
by cako May 14, 2004
How old people in Alabama and possibly in other Southern states insult younger people.
My Grandpa: You want me to fix you a sandwich?
Me: Nah.
Grandpa: Are you sure you're not hungry?
Me: Yah.
Grandpa: You must be communist.
by Avie September 21, 2005
A comedy TV series created by Dan Harmon in 2009. It focuses on the lives of a ragtag study group at a mediocre community college. Comedians Joel McHale and Chevy Chase star in the series.

Overall, a hilarious comedy.
Hey, lets watch Community tonight.
by February 09, 2010
Crappy is also used a great deal when voicing your opinion on sub-par and shoddy things; like homework on thanksgiving or your little brothers finger paintings.
What a crappy lego set.
by Yavo November 11, 2003
This is an expression of extreme frustration. Synonymous with FUCK and TITS

Or a strong negative response to a suggestion. Synonymous with hell no and over my dead body as well as fuck that.

Or in rare occasion an actual request to be shot by a firearm. Synonymous with the n-word granted the right audience and location.
1-I can't fucking do this shit
1-Just Fucking shoot me


1-Want to see the new alvin and the chipmunks movie?
2-Just fucking shoot me.

OR...(If on death row in Oklahoma)

1-For your crimes your life will be taken. How would you like the Great State of Oklahoma to take your life? Lethal Injection, Electric Chair, Firing Squad?
2-Just Fucking Shoot Me
1-Sweet, that's my favorite. I'm a backward fuck who still believes in capital punishment and doing it in extremely inhumane ways. We also believe in using capital punishment as much as possible. If only we could keep up with those sick fucks in Texas and Virginia.
by ModernMan2011 December 29, 2011
steal something that's not yours.
i use bittorrent to share files.
by bkdouble February 26, 2007
Tolerance is the quality of requiring a larger dose of a certain drug every time to reach the same effects. For example, if you need 2-5 hits to get stoned at first, if you smoke regularly and at close intervals (every day or every other day) you will start requiring more hits to get the same high.
Seriously, everyone here wrote the definition for tolerance which means "patience with and acceptance of other people's beliefs" and not one wrote the drug definition; wierd since most of the definitions on this website are sex or drug related.
by PGB November 15, 2005

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