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Thesaurus for chobble

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for chobble

Cross between a chobba and a wanker
"Look at this guys driving - what a chobbler"
by perruzo October 07, 2009
2 1
1) The act of being a complete moron, asshat or assclown
2) Claiming you actually know what it is you are doing while you clearly do not
Would you guys just shut up and stop being such chobs?

Gosh, you guys are being such chobs, will you just do it?
by Rick Mazurek May 01, 2006
114 56
A Chobbledocker is an old Chobble that has become elderly and turned into a prune with Kebab like characteristics. Usually referred to as a Gundiherbaliochob.
Zombie: My grandfather went to the zoo today.
Wire Fence that Talks: What a Chobbledocker!
Zombie: Yo dawg, you trying to step?
by Bruce Hilton November 13, 2006
19 6

Barrère and Leland's A dictionary of slang
by Arthur Morrison

1 exclamation - god blind me. something surprising enough to make one wish they were blind so that they cant see such things.

2 also used as an extra offensive version of limey. it's extra offensive because british are always so down on americans and our love of slang. basically blimey is a thumb in their eye that they have no ground what-so-ever to stand on to justify their inborn doochbaggetry nature.
1 Blimey! did you see that mole rat lookin brit's teeth?

2 gfys blimey, stay the hell out of our constitution and our right to keep and bear arms or we'll ship over there for a quick coup and your queen's head on a pike along with the whole of your house of lords and yes i know this is a run on sentence so go suck your last fag you goddamn douche bags.
by WordRepoMan January 23, 2013
665 101
When us young ladies put our mouth's on a guys cock and suck repeatedly until they reach orgasm. Giving a blowjob should not be looked upon as a chore, but as a pleasurable thing for both involved. Be sure to pay attention to the whole penis, not just the head. Swirl your tongue around the tip while pumping him with your fist or both, if you like. Lovingly message his balls and always deepthroat it. Alternate your speed when sucking a cock, showing your guy that him coming in your mouth is your top priority. And when he does start to come don't stop what you're doing, suck until he's done. And always swallow with a smile.
I woke Jake up with a good morning blowjob
by She Who Loves To Suck May 11, 2005
36312 12710
What a large number of people that write definitions on this website need to do.
-Insert racist/stereotyping/biggoted/angry definition-

"Calm down, go take a lie down somewhere".
by Cider Scorpion April 01, 2007
194 74
1. to calm down
2. cool, tight, wicked, sick, sweet, nice, etc.
3. to hang out
4. to be easy going
5. a little bit cold
6. its ok
Cassie: wow chill

2. Dave: check out my new sick ride
Steve: yeah thats pretty chill

3. Melissa: what are you up to tonite?
kiersten: chillin

4. alexa: your mom smokes weed with you?
cassie: yeah, shes real chill about that kinda stuff

5. mother: its chilly out today so wear a jacket!

6. michelle: im sooo sorry!
sarah: its chill
by Alexa W. May 11, 2005
2966 547