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The worldest biggest skateboard company. It carries many brands and is nation wide
Dude, I just got that new zero board from CCS
by Adam Mateo January 18, 2005
Once an efficient and fast method of communication and message transferring, now a way of harassing Internet users with spam, credit card/insurance offers, porn links, and "Increase Your Penis Size By 5 Inches" advertizements.
Despite using a junk email filtering program, it is still a chore to delete 30+ messages a day.
by AYB November 06, 2003
An american Rock band formed in California.
Current line up:

Andy Biersack (lead vocals)
Jake Pitts (lead guitar)
Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson (rythm guitar)
Ashley Purdy (bass guitar)
Christian "CC" Coma (drums)

Black Veil Brides is not "emo" or "goth" or ANYTHING, unless they say they are. The most that any member said, is that they are generally described as "rock music". Which- if you look at past musicians- they are. They are not posers or fakes or just out there for the attention. Yes they say that's a benefit, but they are just five guys doing what they love best. All of them have been playing music since they were young, and all of them have true talent in their own ways.

Don't hate them because they're popular, or you don't particularly like their style. If you genuinely do not like their music, fine, that is your choice, and mature fans respect that. But do not go bashing them excessively for no reason.

And about Andy's name changes:
When he was a teenager and just started the band, he did copy Nikki Sixx. He later changed to "Six" because that is the number on his hockey jersey, and his dad's nickname for him. That was his own thing. His own persona. Recently, he just uses his actual name, "Biersack" because he has grown out of that persona he once needed. He can face the world without that costume.
He never intentionally stole anyone's name.
Plus, Nikki doesn't seem to care, because the band just did a photoshoot with him.
Person 1: Black Veil Brides? Who are they?
Mature fan: Oh they're a rock band. I love them, lemme show you...
Person 1: Oh I dont really like them, but whatever. I guess they'd be ok for other people.
Mature fan: Ok, at least you're polite.
by Dexter R August 28, 2011
an acronym for Blind Courtesy Copy. When writing an email you may send copies of your email to other people by adding their email address in the BCC field. This is almost the same thing as a courtesy copy except the recipients in the BCC field do not see the other recipients your email is being sent to.

also see CC
Don't worry I sent her a BCC copy she won't know I'm talking to you.
by valoem February 07, 2005
The point of this entry should really be this: That the word "Cannabis" is not slang at all. Instead it is the accepted botanical Genus name for the plant we know by so many other slang and colloquial terms: Hemp, Pot, Marijuana, Ganja, Weed, etc. etc. (Cannabis sps. sativa, indica, and ruderalis.)
Let the word Cannabis remind us that this indigenous herb, which the self-destructive dominator culture feels it needs to persecute so much, is in fact one of the many gifts from the abundant Earth... as natural as the clouds, the rain, the corn in the fields and all the many fruits of our gracious intelligent, and loving planet, Gaia.
Show your support: Give a thumbs up and let the readers know that you feel the same way. Let's make this entry a social and political statement. =)
These here fields were planted with Cannabis during the Second World War to provide cheap, sustainable fiber.
by jacaranda April 06, 2006

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