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Thesaurus for blagojevich

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for blagojevich

"A hairstyle characterized by a large clump of hair in the middle but short on the sides"
"I asked my barber to give me the old Blago"
by nycesq January 27, 2009
Poli: Many
Tic(k)s: Bloodsucking creatures.
= Many bloodsucking creatures.
Why is it that mankind will tear down a living leader, but revere a dead one? See George Bush.

-The greatest, most intelligent move the devil has ever made is making us believe that he doesn't exist...
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 25, 2004
A state that feels more like a large city surrounded by farmland. Most people who live in this state feel that it is divided into two areas--Chicago and Downstate. Although the official state capital is Springfield, just about everything gets done in Chicago. In fact, some out-of-staters actually believe that the capital of Illinois is Chicago. Because of this, and many other things, most "downstaters" resent everything and everyone from Chicago.
Visitor: Where are you from?
Illinois Guy: I'm from Peoria, Illinois.
Visitor: Where's that? Near Chicago?
Illinois Guy: No, it's about 50 miles west of Bloomington.
Visitor: Where's Bloomington?
Illinois Guy: Oh, forget it. It's near Chicago.
by Smooth B April 27, 2004
government is like a condom in that it allows for inflation, halts production, destroys subsequent generations, protects a bunch of pricks, and provides its constituents with a sense of security while they are actually being screwed.
... too many to list.

oh yea, government.
by scarlit January 16, 2008
n. an erect penis
I woke up this morning with a wicked rod!
by Rod October 10, 2003
The first half-white president.
I bet you only thought of Barack Obama as black, didn't you? Shame.
by PlutoRoman June 13, 2010
Adj.: To be so intoxicated as to consider selling the senate seat of the president-elect.
Kevin was so Blagojeviched last night, he went nuts and smashed two windows.

Dan: "Anna had twelve Gin and Tonics."
Steve: "Anna, are you Blagojeviched?"

"Dude, I was so fucking Blagojeviched last night that I was up until 5 AM shuking my guts out on the bathroom floor."
by Russian Steve. August 20, 2011
A rude assholelike person. originated in pittsburgh
"Yinz were acting like jagoffs the other night, all drunk on Ahrns n'at"
by Beer_jedi October 28, 2003
A governing body of the United States consisting of twenty percent of the state of Wyoming.
People in Wyoming hate when the Senate is out of session- it means longer lines at the communal toilet.
by Chazschwab September 07, 2004