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Thesaurus for blaaat

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for blaaat

A national street gang, well known for wearing the color red, selling crack, and illiteracy
I went down Compton Ave, stupid Bloods were selling crack everywhere. If only they knew how to read, they could work for Merck and sell drugs legally.
by Lexicon Master November 14, 2003
announcing yourself as a blood
yall niggas r dead blaaat!
by kevinkepila February 01, 2008
To blaat.
When someone talks shit, he is 'blaating'.
'Johnny's grandma gave him like three cookies yesterday! And he also got four cups of milk!'

'(Yeah right) blaat'
by Kls2 August 04, 2005
A Russian word that can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective. Its primary meaning is a whore. However, it can also be an expression of frustration or used for fun after a sentence.
Dude, this chick Yana is one good blat or Blat, I lost my wallet or You know what I'm sayin', blat.
by Slava M April 18, 2007
when a blood sees a crip he'll say BLAAAT then the crip will yell back killa because he kills bloods
Blood: BLAAAT BLAAAT BLAT krab ass nigga
Crip: KILLA..... KILLA fuck slobs
(blat killa means to kill a blood)
by JC.DA.Truth October 21, 2010
the flicking of ones tongue in reference to a gun sound
brrraaaat....went the guns in the air
by AlataPlush June 22, 2005
Thoroughly stupid, illiterate, and ignorant people who:

* Tie blue rags around their ass holes
* Make stupid signs with their hands
* Haven't the slightest amount of courage
* Aren't bold enough to knock over a liquor store without six of their buddies standing around
* Are too stupid to know how to hold a handgun
* Are too ignorant to get a job
* End up in prison, or maybe dead in the gutter
Shauntay and Esmore are crips. They hold their guns on their sides to show everyone how stupid they are
by The Wog Whomper May 03, 2005
fine ass weed. u trip over one hit. its normaly puff puff pass. wit killa it puff pass out.
that nigga is hoggin the killa. he done turnt me into a killa
by AnDiZzYo October 09, 2003
very cool
That laser light show was killer!
by Bungalow Bill December 12, 2001