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A common nickname for the Roman Catholic Bishop of Rome from 2005-the Present: Benedict XVI. Also known as the Pope.
Did you hear that B16 is opening the Church's proverbial arms to the Anglicans?
by Nrgy October 28, 2009
A honda dohc engine, mostly used by ricers. The top-of-the-line b-18s put out little over 200 hp at the crank.
That ricer's got a b-18c under the hood. *laughs*
by -Cataclysm- of Newgrounds.com March 25, 2006
A short code for a Honda engine. It's the engine that you'll find in your stock 94-01 Acura Integra GSR. It's mostly known for having the best thing ever made, VTEC, compared to it's counterpart without VTEC, the B18B (94-01 Integra LS). You can find the code printed on the front of the motor, near the transmission, along with the engine's serial number.
My GSR has a fully built B18C1.

So what? My integra is stock and still has a B18C1. VTEC FTW!
by HeroOfTheDay October 20, 2007
The B18C5 is one of the most sought after motor swaps to be put in Honda Civics. The motor itself is found in the 1997 - 2001 Integra Type-R (DC2 chassis code). It displaces 1797cc^3, has dual overhead camshafts, has a compression ratio of 10.6:1, and comes equipped with VTEC. The intake and exhaust ports come pre-polished out of the factory for further extraction of power.

Power: 195 hp (145 kw) @ 8000 rpm
130 lb-ft (176 N m) @ 7500 rpm

The transmission that comes coupled with the B18C5 is extremely sought after as well. The transmission comes stock with a close-ratio 5-speed gearset, and LSD (Limited Slip Differential).
"I just scored a B18C5 motor/tranny for my CRX! Damn that things gonna be fast!"
by Rich Meister August 25, 2006
1)a japanese economy car
2)a car that teenager's rich parents buy them as a cheap relaiable transportation, but then they fuck it all up by putting huge fart cans and spoilers on then trying to drive fast and race everyone and thinking they are really cool but everyone is really just laughing at them because they are so goddamn stupid.
I drive a CIVIC, its so fast, last night I raced some kid on his tricycle and it was close but I beat him because my spoiler added an extra 20hp so that was the reason I won.
by RICEFUCKER April 12, 2003
Acronym for "Choose the Right" used by members of LDS (Mormons).
by Osacar October 15, 2003
The japanese version of the U.S. market Honda CRX. In japan however, it is known as the EF8 or CR-X. Manufactured from 1988 to 1991, this 3 door hatchback is very popular among honda enthusiasts.
any crx that is "JDM styled" or equipped with a engine swap does NOT make it an EF8, contrary to what many assume.
by Tnez August 27, 2008