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Thesaurus for alcoholify

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for alcoholify

The cause of, and solution to all life's problems.
To ALCOHOL: The cause of, and solution to all life's problems.
by Matt J September 06, 2005
4802 624
The person in a group of friends who influences the group to get completely hammered at the same time. This person is usauly pouring drinks and shots, and coming up with creative ways to make people drink. This person is active mostly on Friday and Saturday nights but sometimes they are needed on Sunday and Thursday. Since they are busy getting others drunk, they do not need anyone to help them get drunk and are easily offended when others attemp to push alcohol on them.
There is only room for one alcohol pusher at Klub Kokomo and she takes her job very seriously. . .1-2-3-GO!!!
by Melizzle October 31, 2005
19 7
Drinking to reduce momentary suffering. Cheaper than psychotherapy and, for a while, more fun.
We broke up a week ago, and i've been in extensive alcohol therapy ever since.
by hoodrat November 30, 2005
16 5
The action of setting an alarm, for a very early hour, before going to bed to wake up and immediately shotgun a beer. Preferably have the beer and key next to your bed.
Hey Lukas the big game is tomorrow, we should set a beer alarm to start the day off right
by Scot Tank September 22, 2008
23 20
Time of day (usually late afternoon to early evening) at which drinking a beer becomes necessary.
Hey, looks like its beer thirty, better grab me a cold one
by nihilistic0 March 12, 2004
7375 2289
An alcoholic beverage, specifically any type of beer. It doesn't matter which, coz down here in Oz, no one gives a hoot, so long as you get pissed!
"Oh, bugger me, Scott! The pub's out of booze!"
by beano June 29, 2003
950 295
Introducing beer to a get together--like a baby shower, graduation party or sunday brunch--where nobody else is drinking and alcohol would be considered completely inappropriate. A beer strike will usually bring intense scorn from those around you' including your girlfriend, parents, inlaws, etc., but is the only thing that will get you through the rest of the event alive.
Gentlemen, the conversation at this baby shower has grown intolerable. I believe it’s time to "call in a beer strike on our position"
by kabukulator August 02, 2010
5 1