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Thesaurus for abecrombie

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for abecrombie

When you don't have time to call someone a fucking bitch, call 'em a fitch!
Murder: ...And after you die, I will kill your momma! *Grabs knife and starts to aim for womans head*
Woman: You fitch!
by Demzi November 30, 2004
1) One who has the face of an ass
2) One who has an ass for a face
3) One who has the appearance of two protruding buttcheeks just below one's forehead
Look at that assface
by Dirty Sanchez April 18, 2003
Your current boss.
"I work for SUCH an ASSHOLE."
by Anonymous December 05, 2002
one sexy individual
someone that ooses sex apeal. an extremely wanted person
.Ooo look at that cooper
.that cooper is so fine
by stuff_this July 05, 2006
what one says when one is afraid to say shit
Oh crap!
by refl3xive March 25, 2004
To void feces from the bowels. (In other words, to crap)

To become clear or free of.
"I guess you should know that sudden brain injury causes the victim to simultaneously urinate, defecate, and bite down."
-Andy Dufresne to Bogs about refusing to suck his cock-a-doodle. From Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.
by Cliff Dickens January 05, 2004
shit, caca, feces
by Anonymous November 14, 2002
1. a level of drunkeness that exceeds "wasted" or "f'ed up".

2. a level of drunkeness that includes violent outbursts, regretable hook-ups, verbal confrontations, and holes in walls, doors, etc., that you have to be told of the next morning b/c you don't remember anything.

3. can include cowboy boots and other funny accesories.
"man, you were fitched last night"

"he's drunk... wait no, he's FITCHED"
by Michael C May 19, 2005