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Thesaurus for Zoop

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A sound uttered when a heavy tune comes on usually heard in garage raves.
Combine with gunfingers for best results.
Listen to 'Gladiator' by Alias. You won't be able to help it.

brap! brap!
by SDZ June 23, 2004
1517 863
The art/ act of defecating on your sexual partner's chest while they sleep. Usually performed under the stimulating effects of Ludacris' masterpiece "Sex Room."
After a night of wild anal sex, Flavius Jaqurius Green Kennedy Jr. waited until I (d'Isiah T. Billings-Clyde) fell asleep and I awoke to him Zooping on my chest. It was the most romantic experience of my life.
by Tyroil Smoochie Wallace April 03, 2013
14 1
See Brap.
Use When Bigging Someone/Thing up.
Or When You are Excited.
I Jus Got Bare Money!! ZoopZoop!!
Clubbin' Soon Zoop!!
by Frankshizzle July 25, 2006
325 116
the new brap brap. its true.
zoop zoop motha fukkkkkkkkkaaaaaaz
by metivvisti August 27, 2007
62 10
A small device used for conveniently snorting cocaine
I didnt want to bust out lines on the table in front of everyone, so I took a bump from the bullet when no one was looking
by JtotheC June 15, 2003
343 127
The wannabe indian version of hollywood. Not named after an actual place, unlike hollywood and was given the name by copying the good name of hollywood and replace H with B for bombay. All the movies don't make sense, have the exact same plot with different actors. The fight scenes are complete BS with very unrealistic sound effects. Most songs don't match the actors' voice at all and the dialogues aren't good. Very few amount of their movies are decent and they never improved anything for the past 10 years.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that new Bollywood movie?

Guy 2: Yeah, the concept looked very similar to other movies, but with different actors

Guy 1: Oh well...
by somedude169 July 05, 2011
379 246