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Thesaurus for Work Apnea

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Work Apnea

A worldwide slave labour organisation used to control modern man and prevent independant thought from occuring in any form. This is the reason it's much harder to make anything of yourself working in creative arts, such as acting and singing - the government sees anyone more popular than them as a threat to their power. It is also an ingenious creation to make placebos such as computers and photocopiers look important to our way of life. Some may argue that the workplace is desigend to build character and learn about teamwork...others prefer to think of it as the perfect place to practise your aiming skills as you throw ball after ball of scrunched up paper into the bin in the corner, then make a little competition out of it with fellow colleagues.
You are here to work, not to have fun!
by Steve Milligan March 11, 2003
1635 504
A talented model and suicide girl from suicidegirls.com; makeup artist; from Texas.
Apnea is my favorite model.
by Winnona. February 24, 2005
29 54
You're having an all night party. Someone falls asleep. You put some real cummy looking hair conditioner on them to simulate the appearance of someone having ejaculated on them while they were asleep.
PETER: Hey, Bobby, Greg's asleep. Let's "condition" him!

BOBBY: Cool! Perfect, I don't think he's ever heard of that, so it will really get him!


GREG: (Yawn......wipes face......opens eyes......) What the fuck! What happened to me......GROSS! God damn it! Where are those fucking faggots!
by Bar Bare-All Eden June 11, 2006
47 14
To not be doing anything or doing nothing at all. Wasting time just to pass the time.
Chris didn't do anything at work, he was just fucking off all day!
by samiam6977 January 27, 2009
283 35
A movement founded by myself, promoting conservation of energy, in an effort to postpone entropy. Followers are looked upon not as leeches to society, but activists, bailing out the universe from imminent doom with a cry of reason, often drowned out by shrills of "duuurrrr" from every dronish, hard-working idiot in the world.
I'm no fuckin' Republican; I'm lazy.
by Lanan May 10, 2005
1140 230
A quasi-legitimate excuse to take a day off from school or work. Although the person who takes the day off claims he needs it to finish up some work and regain sanity from the rat race, he usually ends up sleeping in, masturbating and accomplishing less than nothing.
J.C. said he took a mental health day to catch up with work and relax, but instead, spent the whole day fantasizing about Jamie.
by Hrach April 17, 2005
383 161
A day at work when the boss/supervisor is at home or absent.
Tom: My good co-worker friend Nick, did you hear? The Boss isn't coming in today!
Nick: Sweet. Polish Holiday!

Ken: Break out the Kielbasa and Pierogies
by tdood August 18, 2009
10 4
1)crazy, cool, insane
2)what one is on a test day
1)man, that trick was sick yo
2)i played sick on my big bio test day
by antislash March 06, 2003
4053 1364
Often a baldfaced lie used to sueak out a couple of extra paid days off; employed to extend a long weekend, travel to an out-of-state Wednesday night rock concert, stay in bed all day with a new romantic interest, etc. Most people would rather come to work sick and risk infecting their colleagues than give up an illicitly obtained and healthy day of fun.
"Where is catherine today?"
"I saw her making out with some douche bag Lastnight maybe she took a sick day to get laid"
by Waggon April 09, 2007
29 11