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Thesaurus for Strathmore

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Place in central New Jersey that has residents of various types (whites, italians, blacks, puertoricans, jews, asians,and many illegal mexicans. Some people claim its a boring town, but theres actually some places to hang out. The school system is whatever you make it out to be, but overall it sucks. Matawan Regional High School (MRHS) prides itself on its superior sports teams. The town is a breeding place for upcoming skaters, football players, and baseball players.
1st Dude: Matawan sucks. theres nothing to do!
2nd Dude: You dumbass, you probably never leave the house and do anything. Matawan has things to offer, skating sites, bball courts, and strathmore! How about being thankful for what your town has, you ass?!
by t-hawkskaterofnj December 09, 2006
Short for New Jersey.
Let's go to NJ!
Yeah,let's go watch Senses Fail
by bandanasarerad November 18, 2006
Scottish City in the north-east. greatest place on earth. we may have a crappy football team and the city might be made of granite but having lived there all my life, i wouldnt want to live anywhere else.
Aberdeen is scotland's oil capital.
by silverandcold February 07, 2007
A score of zero in a set of tennis. (eg: 6-0, 6-0)

Two scores of 6-0 is a double bagel
"Michelle bageled Debbie in tennis."
by The Anna-lator November 02, 2003
A mythological event before the dawn of time.
"I don't believe that there is enough evidence to suggest that breakfast is a plausable event. With a lack of eye witnesses, we are forced to conclude that it does not exist"
by Rupert Budge March 18, 2007
Unstoppable sex demon
We did it all night ditta style.
by lolrapeface February 12, 2014
White on the outside, yellow on the inside. A whiter person who wants to be asian.
Guy 1: "Hey Steve, what're you up to?"

Guy 2: "Nothing much, Jason. Just listening to my new JPop import CDs, making myself a light snack of rice and sashimi, reorganizing my Hello Kitty collection, stealing my neighbor's satellite feed to get TVJapan, looking through a few Honda and Nissan auto brochures, and talking with my girlfriend who's visiting her parents over in Hong Kong. Same ol', same ol."

Guy 1: "Eh... that's kind of stupid."

Guy 2: "Nani?! Baka yarou ja nai desu ne!!"

Guy 1: "...What?"

Guy 2: "Omoide aishiteiru genki desu ne!!"

Guy 1: "Speak English, you pasty white cracker. Do you even know what the fuck you're saying?"

Guy 2: "Sorry, sorry... I sometimes slip back into speaking Japanese when I'm angry."

Guy 1: "You don't even fucking speak Japanese!"

Guy 2: "What? Of course I do! It's a part of my heritage."

Guy 1: "Your heritage? You're a fucking redheaded white guy who's lived in fucking Nebraska his entire life! Stop being such a fucking Egg and accept the fact that you aren't Asian, let alone Japanese."

Guy 1: "Itadakimasu, you gaijin baka-chan."

Guy 2: "Say that stupid shit again and I'll punch you in the throat."
by Eat a Bag of Hell May 07, 2003
1 A term mothers often use to say to their overweight son when the son says he is fat.

Josh: No mom, those jeans wont fit, im fat.
Josh's Mom: Oh josh, your not fat, just husky, its a good thing, girls like husky.
by TravisTheSweet August 08, 2007
A uniquely American drink that apparently tea drinkers outside the US just don't get. Both refreshing and caffeinated, but be careful what you order -- Southerners like it really, really sweet.
Ah, iced tea. My wirewater of choice.
by Brian X October 14, 2006
Affluent area in central NJ on the beach. Approx. 85% white, mostly Italian/Irish. Ranges from about exits 98-120 on the Garden State Parkway. Partly beach towns (Spring Lake, Sea Girt, Manasquan, Belmar) and partly towns with big open areas and lots of farms (Wall, Holmdel, Colts Neck). For the most part BEAUTIFUL and completely defies the misconception that NJ is dirty or disgusting.

The "guido" stereotype associated with NJ doesn't apply here. That MTV show "Jersey Shore" is totally inaccurate. It's showing tourists, not residents. There are of course exceptions because of the large Italian community. But chances are if you see a guido/guidette, he/she is from North Jersey or Long Island clogging up our highways with traffic and invading our beaches. Speaking of the beach, it's a big part of the culture here. People in the northern half of the county typically go to beach clubs, but those in the southern half keep it a little more real with just regular beaches.

Good nightlife, especially in towns like Red Bank & Asbury Park. RB always has concerts in Riverside Park in the summer, great shopping, etc. AP, once beautiful, then destroyed by drugs/poverty, has made a big comeback and provides awesome entertainment. Restaurants on Cookman are fantastic. The infamous Stone Pony holds multiple concerts weekly.

Great place to live. Ideal for people who want to work in industrial areas (close to NYC & Philly), but prefer to live in a quieter, prettier location.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: Bergen County.

Person 1: Oh. That sucks. I'm from Monmouth County.
Person 2: Shit, that reminds me, I need to go spray tanning and get my eyebrows waxed before going down the shore.

"Our life is your vacation"
by mickey999 November 18, 2009