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Thesaurus for Sloth

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Sloth

A movement founded by myself, promoting conservation of energy, in an effort to postpone entropy. Followers are looked upon not as leeches to society, but activists, bailing out the universe from imminent doom with a cry of reason, often drowned out by shrills of "duuurrrr" from every dronish, hard-working idiot in the world.
I'm no fuckin' Republican; I'm lazy.
by Lanan May 10, 2005
adj. 1a. of, or relating to the sloth, esp. in its slow and apathetic behavior
Pevin Lekay has a slothful attitude toward religion.
by Max December 07, 2004
Somebody who has problems understanding something. And is not fast in the mind.
Damn, that muthafucka is slow!!! He over there tryin to pee in a sink, what the fuck?
by Marquetta June 03, 2004
According to Hollywood, What you are if you are a female weighing over 100 lbs.
Nicole Richie apparently thought she was fat, now she looks like a nine-year old boy.
by BigPapa September 28, 2005
Staying in bed or on the couch all day in pyjamas, sleeping and/or eating food
Sarah stayed home Slothing about.
by the_erlking June 11, 2013
1. A homeless person.
2. British/Australian equivalent of "butt".
3. To fuck someone up the arse.
A bum bummed me up the bum.
Someone who puts off doing things to the last minute, and when the last minutes comes, decides it wasn't all that important anyways and forgets about it
Man I wish I could be a slacker like that guy Angry Steve.
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
This form of physical activity is the best. One will do nothing important for hours on end......... until they come to a point where they realise that they have nothing to do. The subject will realise, that as a result of doing nothing, they will eventually get pissed off and tired because they have done nothing at all, all day.
Despite this, one will repeatedly do nothing and partake in the act of laziness, and they will never realise or care about the long term effects.
Moof: "Can't you get up and do something, you fat ugly shit?"
Geeg: "Hey man, fuck you. 'The View' is on and Whitney Houston has stiff nips."
Moof: "Well... do you wanna do something afterwards?"
Geeg: "Na... I'm gonna play horde on GoW2."
Moof: "What a prick you are, Geeg."
*Geeg is the epitomy of laziness here*

Doctor Beef: "Well, I'm sorry Mrs. Boofson, but your son, as a result of his ongoing laziness, has become ingrained to the chair."
Mrs. Boofson: "Oh, oh my god... My Geeg, my little Geeg..."
Beef: "Yes, he will never get up, ever again. Like, seriously bitch, he doesn't need anything. His autonomy is in complete equilibrium - he doesn't need food, water, a change of clothes - he just wont move. He, quite possibly, will live forever."
by angry piece of shit October 06, 2009
To be lazy, sluggish
Msst fat people are lethargic
by Junkyardjimbo88 April 28, 2003
1)Over indulgence in anything; most often associated with food. It is also the excessive wasting of food/items and with holding from those who need it. Often it leads to lack of 'living' and a 'lifeless' life, or most of the time, to death and eternal torture in hell.

Gluttony is considered one of the seven deadly sins. Each sin is associated with a 'devil' and gluttony's is Beelzebub.

2)The unintelligent homunculus in Fullmetal Alchemist/Hagaren, Gluttony falls to his stereotype by excessive eating.
Although Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, it is not considered as dangerous as Pride.
by iNsaneuChiha November 30, 2005