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The New North American Currency that is going to be shoved down Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans throats largely due to the political and economic apathy of ignorant citizens.

The new currency where the feds and the international bankers make money off of through the literal enslavement of the common man.
"Hey check it out, I got an amero!! and I thought it was a conspiracy,,, man I'm such a fucktard."
by jigen August 27, 2007
The chocolate Jimmy Carter.
Barack Obama: It's hope-filled, idealistic speeches and inefficient action all over again!
by barackosama February 25, 2008
(Council on Foreign Relations)

An independent, nonpartisan foreign policy membership organization; founded in 1921. It may be considered one of the most powerful forces of the U.S. foreign policy besides the U.S. department of state. The mission of the council is to promote understanding of America's role in the world, and foreign policy. Rumors and controversy have surrounded the group because of the high ranking officials in the group, and large number of aspects of U.S. foreign policy the group has been involved with.

The two types of membership are a 5-year term, or life. Some corporate members include; ABC News, Coca-Cola, Nike, PepsiCo, NASDAQ, Google, Bank of America, Visa, and more. Other notable members include; Michael Bloomberg, Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, John McCain, Angelina Jolie, and many others.

Hank: "The CFR plans a one-world government."
Don: "haha"
Sally: "What's the CFR?"
Don: "Chicken fried rice!!1"
Hank: "No.The Council on Foreign Relations."
Sally: "So what makes you think it's a conspiracy?"
Hank: "It's what the John Birch Society believes."
Don: "..Hank doesn't believe in anything."
Sally: "I guess I'll do some research..."
Hank: "Just don't use google, they're in on it."
Don: "What about dogpile?"
by Denise H. March 07, 2008
Northern Arizona University
NAU is located in Flagstaff, Arizona
by Mountain Arizonan April 28, 2009
One whose IQ exceeds his weight.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
Scrawny Pale Pimp Organization. They are a small but powerful group of ambitious individuals that started the SPPO as a rebuke of traditional “gangs” and the idea that men had to be muscular to kick ass. The SPPO was spawned in Waterville, Maine in 1999 with three members, and has since spread over most of Central Maine, Louisiana, Alaska and Texas. They do not go by names and are just known by numbers, (i.e. SPP29, SPP96 etc).

Many branches and projects include SPPO Productions, SPPO Films and SPPO Records.

The symbol is a flexing, white stick figure, over a black background, each member has different facial features or hair style on the stick figure as a personal symbol.

Inventers of the Ninjuggalo Mask and various other products. Mostly known for being trouble makers and bad asses.
Kid: Hey have you seen the new SPPO video?

Kid 2: Yeah, that was fuckin AWESOME… those dudes rock!!1

SPP jumps out of the bushes wearing a ninjuggalo mask and back hands both kids with one swing.

SPP: You better recognize biznatches.
by SPP29 December 16, 2006
Super cutty pictures that involve sweet poon and are intended for audience seeking excitement. Usually amazing and brighten ones day. People in SPP usually are unaware of the good deed they are taking apart in. SPP's are excellent in beginning Old Fashioned's.
I've seen everything on Redtube and I feel I just can't connect to people I don't know. You went to to the nude beach last weekend, got any Sweet Poon Pics (SPP)?
by dlo6969 February 17, 2011
The cause of autism is unknown, but studies show that people with autism have larger brains than normal.
There are different kinds of autism. Low functioning, middle functioning and high functioning.

Some of the lower functioning people with autism have the intelligence of a baby, in which they can only scream, grab at your shirt, drool, and do other baby type stuff.

However, there are people that are autistic that are very smart, such as Bill Gates.

To people that generalize autistic kids as retarded, be quiet, because you're probably using Windows.
by Alexi March 17, 2004
Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.
You are such a dork.
by Blah November 19, 2003