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short for "right on schedule"
"how are we doing for time? think we'll make our ETA?"

"yep, for sure....ROS baby!"
by Bonzai April 03, 2007
68 10
Produced by Gravity Corp. A persistent multiplayer video game where players choose a character classification (job) and amass experience points by slaughtering cute, albeit dangerous monsters. It's main focus is the social interaction among players. Guilds and parties allow teamwork to be used for shared rewards. Similar to Diablo 2 in play style. Graphics resemble Secret of Mana. People who spend long hours playing tend to collect various hats that display in game and bestow social status ranking among fellow players.
Ragnarok Online was popular even in beta.
by sravat June 01, 2003
414 100
from russian 'yes', used with the well-known "retard entonation", means "yes, what else?" meaning the answer is so obvious that any retard would know… and all the retards speak russian, it implies…
So, it's really a kind of insult to the russians coming back from… daaah! what else? the Cold War days, when they were the Evil Ones.
(At least that's what I… grasped, if you will, the first time I've heard it… but not being english my mother-tongue, I'm probrably wrong)
…is Richard Simmons gay?
… (…)…(…)…(…)…DAAAAHH!! (you all know the entonation)
by victor gonzález August 18, 2005
334 203
N: Acronym for fucked up shit.
see also: f.u.s., V-FUS
Common at drinking parties. Can be good or bad.
Good fus: finding a full 5th of bacardi 151 under the couch, the party host setting his table on fire in a small contained corner with said bacari, a solid male/female ratio with minimal gay guys.

BAD fus: spilling beer/liquor onto someone (see party foul), people making out with other people's girlfriends, packing heat to a party, pulling knifes/guns on people, lighting things on fire that don't belong to you, high male/female ratio (see sausage fest), or a large ammount of gay guys.
by Anti January 29, 2005
22 8
1. A dragon shout used in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

2.An international term for oral sex given by a female.
ex.1. The Dragonborn yelled "Fus Ro Dah" at the dragon.

ex.2."Dude, Greg totally just went up to that French hooker and asked for a Fus Ro Dah."
by Gerb Sworrab August 23, 2011
359 169
destruction of the gods: in Norse mythology, the final destruction of the gods in a great battle against the forces of evil, after which a new world will arise.
Also called Twilight of the Gods

Mid-18th century. From Old Norse ragnarök , literally “fate of the gods,” from regin “gods” + rok “fate.”
The world has started ragnarok ..... but I suggest playing it offline.
by Swissh™ December 11, 2003
256 49
adj. ross·er, ross·ome
n. ross·ity, ross·ness

1. Of or pertaining to something, that, by the carefully judged standards of a select few individuals, is very cool and awesome
2. But not just normally awesome, it is a special kind of awesome that I wouldn't really expect you to understand unless you have truly felt the power of something ross in your life.
3. When you feel that something might be ross, you should consult me and I will tell you if it is or isn't.
4. Of course it's slightly subjective, but not really.
5. Some common misconceptions link this word to the stupid Friends character Ross. This is patently untrue. It has nothing to do with him, especially because he is not ross. The word is derived from the maniacal babblings of the Ealy family.
"Man, that DMB concert at Randall's Island was ross."
"I met this guy and he is rossome."
"Sometimes I am so cool it's hard to comprehend my own rossity."
by Shannon Ealy May 08, 2007
1494 581
Something Americans use to describe everything.
Oh wow it's just awesome
by Every Strangers Eyes June 20, 2006
9211 2746
The most beautiful girl ever. A rose has the face of an angel and when you see her eyes light up when she smiles, you can't help but smile back. She is hilarious, and loves pulling pranks.
Guy #1: Man, I gotta get me a Rose...
Guy #2: Yeah, I got me some Rose and I love her
by popcornypoo September 01, 2009
1858 610