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slang word meaning cigarette, or marijuana joint.
comes from merokok, the Malay word for cigarette.
Ahmad: walau-eh, i study for PSLE until damn stress, cannot take it already.

Ali: Brother, don't worry lah, have a rokok and everything will be fine!
by hafiz asari December 04, 2007
Orginated from hokkien langguage widely use in SINGAPORE. Now the words have spread to their neighbour country MALAYSIA.

Wa-Lau means "Oh my DAD", same meaning of some people say "Oh My GOD". Because the founder was not a religion guy, so instead of using the GOD, it use his own DAD.

Some might use WA-MA! mean "oh my MOM" for those mummy's boy.

And last but not list, the "eh" is just a finishing touch to enchance the words Walau or Wama!
Walau-eh! my car broke down.

Wa-ma-eh, Who parked the car at my car park.
by kakit March 12, 2006
A Hokkien (Chinese Dialect) term for Vagina, Cunt, Pussy etc
Man that dude can be such a cheebye without even trying
by bigtokes2003 August 14, 2003
1. A magic wand used to conjure buses. You can stand there for an hour waiting for your bus to come, but as soon as you light up a fag, it will come round the corner, forcing you to put it out.

2. Something that non-smokers frequently manage to die of cancer without ever using.

3. Something for self-righteous but somewhat timid morons to declaim and campaign against without having to feel like they're going out on a limb.

4. A drug that makes you violent and cuts your IQ in half, damages your liver, frequently causes death on the roads and in homes, destroys careers, lives and families, and costs our country millions every year in lost productivity from people who are too sick to come in to work after using too much of it the night before. Oh no wait, that's beer.
Let's see, what shall I spend my time campaigning against? Racism? No... how about religious fundamentalism? Maybe pollution or censorship... Ah, no, I've got it! Cigarettes!
by Dave June 20, 2004
A rather large test spawned from the deep fiery pits of hell. If one fails the exam, it is known to pull the grade down, therefore causing an inhuman build up of stress.
Shit dude, I bombed that exam.
by AmeliaBedelia June 10, 2008
a slang used mainly by people of South-East Asia (Malaysia and Singapore mainly) to complement almost any sentence available in a social conversation. the origins of this slang is basically from the chinese language, yet it is now used by almost anyone in the two countries mentioned above who aren't too shy to let their asian roots shine with pride. people who don't use the -lah slang is considered a snob to a certain degree.
A: Hey, can you lend me five ringgit?
B: sorry lah, I need money to pay for my cab and lunch-lah

C: can you help me for a minute?
D: ok-lah.
by calV April 30, 2005
a country where you can get penalised for virtually anything,even chewing gums.But otherwise a great place with lots of delicious foods and shopping places.The living conditions aren't too shabby either,if you can stand hot and humid climate that is.
Singapore is a 'fine' country yes it is!
(fine refering to monetary one)
by hubba x February 19, 2005