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Short for "mysterious black dude", the character who briefly appears in the trailer for Metroid Other M. Dubbed this title by the community of the gamefaqs forums, he is known for his famous line "Remember me?" and has been the subject of several pictures and videos.
Guy 1: Who's that character in the trailer?
Guy 2: It's the MBD!
by blighboy June 16, 2009
The most AMAZING person alive.
Brandon makes me feel special.
by Fdogg December 25, 2007
Raped, Screwed, used to convey a situation where someone has been Butt Fucked beyond belief. Originating from the educational institution in California with the same name renowned for providing horrible education at exorbitant prices. Pronounced "Sea-Boo".
"I'm in the hole 40 grand for my education and I can't get a job anywhere, my college CBU'd me in the ass."

by JohnDoe92506 April 23, 2006
Relates to feverish activity associated with the promotion of the sport of Rugby League across City of Melbourne which traditionally has focused on the less mentally demanding and somewhat boring football code of aussie rules.
We applied and embedious approach to promoting the Dragons and soon the whole city was singing St George St George
by Slippery Albert September 19, 2006
To totally lose control of yourself due to excessive rage and anger. Only the primitive urge to pummel the nearest object remains in your brain and this condition usually last for approx 1-5 minutes. Not that much different from the Berzerker condition.
"OMG, that beaver is about to go mango"

"He went mango on that monitor"
by D.E March 17, 2004
Plain 'n' Simple
by Mike, He Drives the Van! June 28, 2005
The most incredible friend anyone could ever have. She is incredibly beautiful both inside and out, even if she can't see it. She is absolutely hilarious, and extremely Smart. She will be there for you no matter what, and she will help you through all your troubling times and never give up on you. She makes you realize all the good in life and makes better all the bad. She is your Sunshine and she is AWESOME.
(steve):Mary Beth is sooooo awesome
(tyler):Yeah Dude shes the bestest friend ever!
(Sam): I like Potatoes
by STEVE P GONTZ January 20, 2009
kick ass band
"Did you buy the Murder By Death cd yet it kicks ass!"
by bob February 08, 2004

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