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Thesaurus for Guango

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Guango

A woman's vagina after she has had many different sized penises.
The slut is so loose, since she gets laid every night by a different man.
by Lizzie August 17, 2003
1741 404
1. some one who is a flaming flamboyant homosexual

2. a very tasty edible snack, in which one might find a nice sweet pleasure from
1."MAN, those are so FRUITY boys in the cub scouts"

2. Eve shouldnt have eaten the forbidden fruit, yeah cause that god damn snake was mean
by Boot-aylicious January 28, 2003
889 215
Mexican slang - loose (singular feminine adjective and noun)

This is very nasty when used to descibe a woman, it which case it refers to her vagina, and often implies she got that way from sleeping around too much.

The masculine version - guango - can be equally as nasty in that context.
"puta guanga" - loose whore
by matabachas March 25, 2009
14 7
A particularly fun fruit. Green on the outside, pink on the inside. The Juice is simply marvelous. The fruit is popularly served in halves, and chosen over pear halves.
"Would you care for half a pear?"
"I'd far rather half a guava!"
by Tixen April 04, 2005
69 9
Character on Saturday Night Live played by Chris Kattan. Mango is an exotic male stripper who seems to attract every man's attention when he walks in the room. Not to mention the fact he wears tight gold shorts.
"I want to have-a the Mango!"
by Jetman October 15, 2005
557 108
zzzzzzzzzzz. Like sleeping but with eyes open. When your tired and everything's quiet and not fun.
expls; School,chatrooms,internet,books etc.......
by outlast October 17, 2003
617 195
To be fucked, screwed or damned.
Me lleva la chingada! I'll be fucking damned!
by Tony October 18, 2003
353 137
Slacking, being lazy.
"Hey, you're getting a little flacky today."
by Vincenzo January 25, 2004
24 16