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Thesaurus for GYOFB

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for GYOFB

Short for weblog.
A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as "homework sucks" and "I slept until noon today."

v. intr.
The act of posting to a weblog.
by NGX February 06, 2003
Get your own blog. A swear-free version of gyofb
I told the poster to gyob.
by abcdefuckers December 03, 2007
To use something excessively.
Will, you are abusing the definitions at urban dictionary.com
by Junior January 17, 2005
A person who has little to say, but takes forever to explain it. Can also be used to describe a person who tells a story that seems to go on forever even though is has very little substance.
dude 1: Man I just saw scott and he told me the story about his trip to jamacia, he went on forever about it.

dude 2: I hear that, he's one longwinded asshole.
by TV CAR April 10, 2010
Mind Your Own Fucking Business - self explanatory
MYOFB - it's none of your concern!
by Rich Mountainboy April 04, 2006